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10+ Tough Work Challenges Plus-Size Models Don’t Usually Discuss

We know plus-size models as brave girls whose profession is breaking down stereotypes about beauty. Thanks to them, the standards of the fashion world are changing and becoming more and more realistic. But despite all that, it is still hard to work as a plus-size model.

Bright Side didn’t expect these non-obvious challenges that plus-size models have to deal with every day. As it turns out, this job is far more difficult that we could imagine.

  • Plus-size models are often invited to commercial photo shoots but they are rarely involved in runway shows. Some famous brands such as Victoria’s Secret refuse to include them in their shows. The designers of this company prefer to organize separate shows with women of non-standard sizes instead of making one show for everyone.
  • Most of the time, plus-size models take part in photo shoots in underwear. Marketers are eager to “undress” big models instead of finding appropriate clothes for them. Many girls say that they often have to deal with people who treat their bodies simply as a sex object.
  • If a model is invited to advertise clothes, organizers often try to hide their body in the clothes. Many designers believe that plus-size girls should hide their flaws instead of highlighting their advantages. This treatment doesn’t make models’ lives any easier because they learned to love their bodies and want other people to see them like this.
  • There are strict standards in the fashion world even for plus-size models: extra weight should only be in “necessary spots” and the body shape should remind an hourglass. This is why many girls try to fight the stereotypes by spending hours at the gym working on their shape.
  • Stereotypes are something that plus-size models have to deal with every day. According to the girls themselves, they often see people who think that plus-size models are paid for eating a lot and getting fat. However, if you look through their social media, you will see that they lead a healthy lifestyle and do a lot of sports to keep themselves in good physical shape.

  • As strange as it seems, if a plus-size model is seen in a gym, people think it’s because they don’t like their bodies and they are insecure. The girls explain that even their fans often think that they do sports in order to lose weight and change. But plus-size models think that it’s sports that make them confident in their beauty.

  • More and more often, famous models say that we should forget the plus-size term because it puts these models into a different category. According to their opinion, numbers and sizes shouldn’t matter and shouldn’t be the first thing people think of. These wonderful girls are first and foremost professional models.

  • According to the models, many people still don’t take plus-size models seriously. For example, photographers at photo shoots often ask models not to pose but just smile and look happy. The beauty industry still hasn’t recognized that these types of girls can be confident and look great and tempting.

  • Plus-size models have to break down the fashion world’s stereotypes and fight for their right to have a place in the beauty industry. They support and inspire each other but say that unfortunately, their most aggressive opposers are other women. It’s strange but it’s mostly women who leave most of the negative comments plus-size models have to read.

  • The word "fat" is not as offensive as the word plus-size. Big models are the most ironic people in the world and the word fat is freely used in the fashion industry. For example, one model could not find a bikini in her size and made one herself and named it, "fatkini" which turned into a fashion trend.

  • No matter how successful a plus-size model is, she will still be advised to lose extra weight. This is why the models are used to being ironic about criticism and they don’t let other people affect their self-esteem. Of course, it is sometimes hard to fight with stereotypes but the support of numerous fans keeps the girls strong.

Do you agree that these girls are wonderful? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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