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10 Tricks Celebrities Use to Shine on the Red Carpet

When posing for photographers on the red carpet, celebrities usually look happy and relaxed. In reality, these events require a lot of time and energy, and looking good in photos takes a lot of patience and effort. So, when stars want to impress us with their beauty, they have a variety of life hacks at their disposal — from wearing shoes that are a larger size to using tape.

They stand in certain positions.


After many years of posing in front of cameras, many stars have come up with their own signature poses. Looking over their shoulder, clasping their hands, or proudly displaying their curves — each celebrity knows their best angle and can strike poses that make them look great in photos. For example, Jennifer Lopez often shows off her legs and chooses dresses with side slits that help her do so.

When going by car, they lie down on the seats to prevent wrinkling their clothes.

Many celebrities prefer to wear complex dresses on the red carpet. To prevent them from wrinkling, stars lie down instead of sitting in car seats. “No wrinkles... It’s harder than it looks!” Jennifer Aniston revealed on social media, showing how she was lying down in a car on her way to the SAG Awards.

They wear shoes in a bigger size than they need.

MCMULLAN CO / SIPA / East News, ADMEDIA / SIPA / East News

We often see stars wearing shoes that are too big for them. This is because they want to avoid calluses and swelling. There are certain tricks that help stars wear uncomfortable shoes for hours and still look great.

They wear comfortable sneakers.

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A bigger size in shoes is not the only trick they use. Why torture yourself and wear heels when you can simply wear sneakers. This is what actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Sally Field did at a Vanity Fair party.

They use soap to zip and unzip their dresses.

Dee Cercone / Everett Collection / East News

Even though stars’ stylists carefully check their clothes before events, anything can happen. If the zipper is stuck, a piece of soap can help. And this is what happens to their outfits after the event is over.

They use hairspray to prevent the appearance of static.


Static can cause a lot of trouble. To avoid it, stylists use simple tricks. For example, they use hairspray on the inside of clothes, touch outfits with wet hands, and use baby powder on their clients’ skin.

They use eyeshadow to make their hair look thicker.

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You can use this trick, like many celebrities. Just choose matte eye shadows that match your hair color, and apply them on the hairline with a makeup brush. By the way, check out Blake Lively’s appearances on the red carpet, always looking like a Disney princess.

They smile with their eyes.

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When you only smile with your mouth, your eyes look sad and the smile itself — a bit insincere. Many stars have learned to smile with their eyes when posing for photos. They squint a little, and their eyes take on a half-moon shape.

They use tape to create the perfect cleavage.

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Some clothing, like strapless or low-cut dresses, can be too revealing, and celebrities do their best to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Many famous women use a special tape to make their décolletage look perfect. Kim Kardashian does this to look better in braless dresses, while Kristen Bell tapes her clothes to avoid showing what she doesn’t want to display.

If you also want to try this trick, you need cosmetic tape, developed specially for this purpose, like hypoallergenic tape for breast lifting. Stars may also wear bras when it seems like they aren’t.

They iron their clothing using a hairdryer.

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One of the stylists, who works with stars, says that they sometimes use hairdryers to remove wrinkles from the outfits they’re already wearing. It works just as well as a steamer.

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