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12 Pieces of Clothing That No Woman Wins From Wearing

All of us have our favorite skirts or pants that we can wear for years. And it doesn’t matter that they are not trendy anymore, because we feel comfortable in them. There are some pieces of clothing that only look good in store windows, but when a real person puts them on, they look really bad.

We at Bright Side did some research and made a list of things that very rare people benefit from wearing. Also, we’ve found replacements for things that are not trendy anymore.

Skirts with frills

These skirts only look good on children. Girls and women look slightly bigger in the hips when they wear these skirts (this is why plus-size women almost never like them). Besides, it is hard to combine these skirts with other clothes. If you still want to look more feminine, you should pay attention to the A-line silhouette skirts.

Capri pants

Short pants that reach the knee or the middle of the calf remind us of the 2000s. And that’s where they should stay. These pants can make the legs look shorter and hips — wider. It is better to wear either shorts or regular-length pants or jeans.

Bolero jackets

Short bolero jackets split the body into 2 disproportionate parts, making the lower part bigger. This is especially visible on girls with round hips. Maybe, bolero jackets might look nice on stage, but in everyday life it is better to wear regular-sized jackets and cardigans.


Yes, they are really warm and comfortable. But designers are not going to bring them back to the runways. Because the soles are completely flat and the way people walk in them looks a bit funny. And the fabric wears down really fast. It is better to buy regular boots made of high-quality materials — like leather or suede.

Very wide pants

Really wide pants are, of course, really comfortable, but they are not good for every day unless you live somewhere in Egypt. They are the best option for dancing or yoga, but if you are going to work, you can wear simple linen pants. They are also good for hot weather but they look far more stylish and practical.

Clothes with rhinestones, glitter, or other decorative elements

This is more a matter of appropriateness. If you are going to a party, a glittering dress might be the right call. But in everyday activities, these clothes will look tasteless on pretty much anyone. To make your look a bit spicier, you can add a bright brooch or some other accessories.

A blouse with a big collar

A big number of decorative elements near the chest and the shoulders can make you look bigger than you are. Besides, these blouses may be very hard to combine with other clothes. If you are not ready to wear the outfit of a Victorian-era lady, you should probably choose a simple white shirt. This is a must-have for anyone.

Mullet skirt

Mullet hairstyles are great, but the skirts with the same name (short in the front and long in the back) can make even the most beautiful legs look bad, let alone the entire body. If you want to show your beautiful legs, you should wear a wrap skirt in the length you prefer.

Too many layers

Multiple layers in clothes can look very stylish if you are good at combining clothes. But if the clothes you are wearing are very bright and have a lot of different textures and patterns, it becomes a crazy mix that looks weird. If you want several layers to look great with each other, choose simple clothes and simple colors.

Basque clothes

These dresses and skirts make the belly and the hips look big, even if a woman is really slender. Besides, they are not really trendy anymore. If you want to highlight your waist, you can wear a slim-fitted dress without any extra element. And if you want to hide a few inches, choose thicker fabrics.

Shoes with gigantic soles

This is not about the huge sneakers that a lot of girls wear. When designers realized it was a popular trend, they made sandals, shoes, and boots in the same futuristic look. These shoes are hard to combine with everyday clothes and the legs look like 2 spaceships, which is only good if you really love spaceships. And if you don’t, wear something smaller. Simple shoes and sneakers are always trendy.

Elastic waist dress

An elastic waist dress is great for pregnancy, when comfort is the most important thing. These dresses are light and it’s easy to move in them. But in everyday life, these dresses don’t look elegant or stylish. When looking for a replacement, you need to understand what exactly it is that you like about these dresses. If you want to highlight your waist, you can choose a regular dress and wear a belt on top. And if you want a dress to not be very slim-fitted, you can find a dress with an A-line silhouette.

However, if you are a happy person who looks good in any of the clothes we mentioned, that’s great! Which clothes, that other people think are not trendy, do you like? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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