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13 Trendy Clothes That Can Turn Even a Perfect Body Into a Shapeless Bag

Every year, bloggers and famous magazines make lists of anti-trends. And some things end up on these lists constantly because they are incredibly difficult to combine with other clothes, and most importantly — they highlight the flaws of the body shape, instead of hiding them. And these clothes keep appearing on the shelves of stores and then in the wardrobes of many girls. When this happens, they don’t know what to do with these clothes.

We at Bright Side have made a list of clothes, shoes, and accessories that girls have to be very careful with. Yes, they can help create an impressive look, but they won’t highlight the best parts of the body. We promise that we’ll be objective. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus proving that some rules can be broken.

1. Dresses and skirts that are short in the front and long in the back

Dresses and skirts that are an asymmetric length, make the legs appear longer. But the catch is that with these dresses and skirts, the knees are in the very center and from the side, even the most perfect legs start to look crooked. Besides, these pieces make the hips look bigger. If you want to draw attention to the legs, you should wear skirts with a side slit.

2. Capri pants

The way capri pants are made can distort the silhouette and add a few extra inches that you don’t actually have. The unfinished pantlegs make the body look more massive. And if you wear cargo capri pants, the legs will look bigger because of the pockets.

3. Dresses and blouses made of thin knitwear

The clothes made of this kind of knit fabric are very tight, but they don’t keep their shape because the material is not high quality. So, even the slimmest girls start to look bad. Thin knitwear highlights all the flaws of the body — the sides, the belly, everything. Also, the outlines of your undergarments may be visible from underneath, so you might even look vulgar.

4. Harem pants

Wide cotton pants are in fact really comfortable. But they do something unimaginable to the body — they distort the proportions catastrophically. The legs look shorter than they are and the hips look wider. In other words, these pants create a very disproportionate silhouette.

5. Pearl hairpins

The pearl hairpins that recently became popular are on many lists of anti-trends. First, they just look inappropriate on adult women. And second, pearls are round and they are only perfect for girls with oval faces. Pearls just highlight the features of less oval faces, which is not always good.

6. Push-up bras

The cups that can be seen from under clothes are not trendy anymore. Besides, these bras often make women look vulgar. Wearing a push-up bra is only a good idea if you are sure that it can be hidden under your clothes, that it looks natural, and that you feel absolutely comfortable.

7. Tights with abstract prints

From a distance, beige and light-grey tights with prints often look like skin defects. Some models make legs appear slightly unshaven, which is also not a very good thing. If you want to make your appearance more interesting, try wearing dark tights with clear prints, geometric shapes, or logos.

8. Shoes with sharp edges and small heels

These elegant shoes have a huge flaw — they make the feet look big. This is why they are not the best choice, unless you naturally have very small feet. Besides, in these shoes, the toes are often unnaturally close to each other, which might hurt you.

9. Culottes

This recent trend is dangerous because it makes the body more of a square-shape. What you wear with the culottes is important: elegant shoes make culottes look like a skirt and sporty shoes are not the best idea.

10. Jackets with wide shoulders

In the 20th century, clothes with wide shoulders had an important meaning — it was women’s way of showing that they could be equal with men. The trend is back now, but more and more women are realizing that it’s not for everyone.

These clothes can help create a more balanced look for girls with pear-shaped bodies. But those with the inverted triangle body shape should be more careful, because these jackets can increase the width of their shoulders.

11. Oversize down jackets

The huge down jackets are very warm. But the models that are excessively big look ridiculous. Depending on the type of jacket, they can highlight the elegance of the body shape and at the same time, all of its flaws. So, it’s better to choose a jacket in your actual size.

12. Mom jeans

These models make the hips more round and the overall look becomes more feminine, which is why “mom jeans” are perfect for girls who have narrow hips or hourglass-shaped bodies. Short girls with pear-shaped bodies should probably avoid these models because their hips will look more massive. They highlight any extra weight you have.

13. Cropped jean jacket

These jackets divide the silhouette into 2 parts, making it way more massive. Besides, cropped jean jackets highlight the belly and the waistline, which is why girls that have extra weight in these areas should avoid them. More classic variants of these jackets are much safer bets.

Bonus: A crop top for everyone

Of course, everything we’ve said in this article is nothing more than a general recommendation. We want you to know the latest news from the fashion world. In reality, you can wear anything that makes you smile and feel confident when you see your reflection in the mirror. And girls from around the world prove this.

In one of the issues of O Magazine, there was an article where the author recommended that women give up on crop tops if they are carrying extra weight. Women decided to start a rebellion — they created the hashtag #RockTheCrop that was supported by thousands of girls (you can go through the link and see what happened). They posted photos of themselves saying that they will wear anything that makes them happy.

What clothes are you not ready to give up on? Tell us in the comments!

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