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15 Bright Siders Show Themselves Before and After Applying Makeup and We Can’t Decide Which Look is More Beautiful

Makeup is such a powerful thing, it even showed social status in Ancient Egypt, with the higher class wearing more cosmetics. Luckily, nowadays we don’t use it for this purpose. But the amount of makeup we wear is still a controversial topic. Some people like to change themselves totally, while others prefer to stay makeup-free.

Bright Side women appreciate their own natural beauty. Nevertheless, they still use makeup sometimes. They showed us how it changes them and we can say with certainty both variants are gorgeous.

1. “This was my wedding makeup.”

2. “Magic in bottle!”

3. Bright makeup for a bright personality

4. “Before and after putting on my makeup”

5. “My transformation.”

6. Wedding makeup can also be light.

7. “There’s nothing wrong with looking different sometimes.”

8. Easy makeup for any occasion

9. “This is me, before and after using a makeup app.”

10. Beauty doesn’t depend on makeup.

11. “I prefer to look natural, but it’s nice to have a change sometimes.”

12. “Without and with makeup, for me”

13. “This was my bridal makeup, a full face of hide-all-the-stress-zits-please.”

14. “You can still look like yourself with makeup on and I love how I look without it too.”

15. “Here’s the power of makeup.”

Do you like yourself more with or without makeup? Does it change you a lot? You can join our compilation and show us your before and after photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Cassidy VanBever / Facebook