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19 Women Who Wore Customized Wedding Dresses and Stood Out for Their Uniqueness

Organizing a wedding involves a lot of work, and one of the hardest parts is often choosing the dress for the occasion. While some brides turn to big designers, others prefer to have something different. From copying a design that was used in a movie to making a dress with their own hands.

At Bright Side, we loved the originality and creativity these women tapped into when deciding what to wear on such a special day.

1. “I recreated Bella Swan’s wedding dress from Twilight!”

2. “Me wearing the wedding dress I made, on my wedding day!”

3. “Made my wedding dress!”

4. “I finished my wedding dress! Mom sewed the last serger edges the morning of the wedding.”

5. “I made my own wedding dress! With 2 months and a $150 budget. I think I did okay.”

6. “I made my wedding dress and got married yesterday!”

7. “Made an unconventional wedding dress!”

8. “Made my wedding outfit (vintage Vogue)”

9. “I made my wife’s wedding dress and my shirt.”

10. “My wife and her mother created her wedding dress.”

“Took a ridiculous amount of time with all the hand-sewn details but the finished product came out fantastic. I am very proud of her!”

11. “I went the brave/stupid route and sewed my own wedding dress!”

12. “A year ago, I messaged a friend of mine and told her I wanted her to make my wedding dress.”

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to find one and she was the only one I trusted. She had only done 1 or 2 other formal dresses before then, but she KILLED IT!!!”

13. “I always knew I wanted to make my wedding dress myself.”

“Despite some hiccups along the way, I was so happy with how this simple linen dress turned out and how ‘me’ it is!”

14. “Made my wedding dress. It is not perfect, but it is exactly what I wanted.”

15. “I made my wedding dress, no pattern”

16. “My talented mom made my wedding dress using a modified pattern. Enjoy her work.”

17. “Made my wedding dress!”

18. “25th wedding anniversary gown that I made for a beautiful lady who never got to wear a wedding dress”

19. “I’m really bad at sewing, but I made my own wedding dress!”

What was your wedding dress like? Or what would you like it to be like?

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