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5 Types of Bras That Are Bad for You and 9 That Are Safe

Nearly 80% of women wear the wrong size bra according to a 2008 survey. If you’re confused about size, imagine how confusing it is to learn what shape, support, and safety you need in a bra. Bras are made for support and fashion but some are more appropriate than others depending on your breast size, outfit, and concern for your health.

Bright Side has made this list to help you make the best choice when buying a bra according to what you’re looking for.

These kinds of bras are safe:

1. Full-support bras for fuller, larger breasts

We recommend this bra for daily, comfortable use. It’s one of the top regular bras because it covers the whole breast, holds them in a nice natural shape, and gives them extra support at all times.

2. Front-closure bras

If you’re a little bored of the everyday bra, try using a front-closure bra. It can be just as comfortable as the others but it has a different fastening mechanism located between the breasts that can allow you to ditch your routine and shake things up a bit.

3. Sports bras

Breast movement during exercise can cause discomfort and tenderness because breasts are not used to such high-intensity movement. That’s why we recommend wearing a sports bra when working out. Remember to get a second measurement for this since your size may vary from your regular bra.

4. Racerback bras for a more fashionable look

If you’re looking for something more trendy, go for a racerback bra. The shoulder straps create a V-neck shape and close behind your neck, keeping the straps in place. They can even be worn by ladies with big breasts because these bras hold them in place and stop movement in the chest area.

5. Push-up bras

Push-up bras come with a thick padding inside the cups that closes the space between your breasts and pushes them upward, giving you a more voluminous look. They also have an underwire that presses firmly to your body like many other types of bras. But don’t worry, contrary to popular belief, an underwire is harmless.

6. A minimizer bra to take control over your breasts

If you want to give the illusion of a slimmer chest you can do it easily with this type of bra. It hugs your breasts while giving them extra support. This minimizes your breasts’ volume making you feel more secure, supported, and in great shape.

7. Strapless bras

Nothing says “messy outfit” more than bra straps that show with a strapless outfit. This type of bra comes with an underwire and lower band to give your breasts support. The cups, usually padded, are sewn very close together so that they too work on supporting your breasts. This type of bra is better for small and medium size breasts.

8. Bullet bras for a vintage look

The Bullet Bra was popularized in the ‘40s. It gives your breasts the shape of a cone like the ones we see in Marilyn Monroe’s photos. It gives high support and extended coverage so it’s perfect for a girl with big boobs. It’s a must if you like the vintage style or are going to a themed party.

9. Convertible bras for the practical girl inside of you

This is the all-in-one solution, a versatile bra that transforms into the bra of your choice just by changing the location of the straps. The straps are detachable and allow you to place them in different ways like a regular bra at the back, around your neck as a halter bra, crossed at the back, or even strapless.

The types of bras that can be bad for you:

1. Zero support bra

A bra that fits properly and has good support will keep neck and back pain at bay. Your breasts have some weight of their own so if they’re not well supported by a good fitting bra, then your neck and back muscles will have extra work to do and will let you know.

2. Ill-fitted bras

Your bra should fit properly, otherwise, you can develop different skin reactions or health problems. If a bra is too big for you, then friction between the fabric and your skin can cause skin irritation. Try to avoid that. Wearing a bra that’s too small for you can fit you so tightly it may irritate your skin or worse. Some research links tight bras to poor blood circulation and even breast cancer.

3. 100% synthetic fabric bras

Toxins that are used to manufacture clothes stay in them for longer than you think. Since your breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, you should pay careful attention to your bra’s materials. Cotton can be a little stiff which does not allow for everyday movement so you can mix it with another synthetic fabric to help it adjust to your daily routine like spandex, for instance.

4. Sticky bras

Sticky bras stick to your breasts with the help of glue. Those chemicals aren’t supposed to be in contact with your skin. Plus, the adherence is so tight, it gives your skin no chance to breathe. It’s even worse if you have sensitive skin since the glue, sweat, and low breathability can cause your skin to react with itchy and unpleasant rashes.

5. Plastic bras

Plastic bras are one of the worst types of bras because not only are they way uncomfortable, they make the sound of a torn Coke bottle with every move you make. And forget about breathability: say hello to itchy rashes!

Bonus: Here's an example of how a bra can transform any look.

Do you have any of the bad bras we mentioned in your closet? Did you find this article useful? Tell us below in the comments!

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