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6 Beauty Products We’ve All Been Using Wrong

Even the best and most expensive beauty products can totally mess up your look if you don’t use them correctly. Your high-quality face powder can make you look like a ghost, and it might seem like a black hole swallows your shampoo bottles. Some habits are passed down from generation to generation, so we don’t even question them. Luckily, we can fix that once and for all in a few minutes.

Bright Side is here to save your look from the mistakes you probably haven’t noticed until now.

1. You shake nail polish before painting your nails.

Perhaps you do this to wake up the formula better or make it thinner somehow. Whatever the reason is, shaking your nail polish will only make your manicure worse. It traps the air and causes bubbles on your nails. Additionally, don’t try to mix it by pumping the brush in and out of the container.
It’s better to roll the bottle in your hands without any sharp movements, or simply do nothing.

2. You apply powder all over your face.

Applying powder only to certain areas is enough. In most cases, it’s recommended to put some powder on your undereye area, forehead, nose, and chin, avoiding your cheeks. These areas are often the oiliest. Applying too much powder highlights your skin imperfections, such as bumps or dry patches.

3. You brush your hair from the roots.

Such a way of brushing will lead to hair breakage. Instead, dividing your hair into sections and working your way from the bottom to the top is the right way to brush your hair. Besides, it will also help you detangle your hair more easily. You can also check for tangles with your fingers to avoid hair damage.

4. You apply perfume right under your ears or on your hair.

If you want your perfume to last longer, apply it right after moisturizing. Spraying perfume on your hair dries it out as it contains an alcohol-based formula. Rubbing it on your skin is not a good way either. The friction heats the skin and releases natural enzymes that change the scent. Apply perfume to your clothes or on top of your ears.

5. You use shampoo immediately after wetting your hair.

Instead of quickly rinsing your hair and applying a good amount of shampoo, it’s better to let your hair soak a little bit. This way, you get all the benefits from the formula. Another point in favor of soaking is using less shampoo.

6. You apply lipstick from the edges to the center.

The correct way is to go from the inside out. Focusing on the center gives you more control and reduces the chances of going outside the lip line. You can use a brush or your finger.

Which one of these was the most surprising to you? Do you know any other “bad habits” in terms of using beauty products?

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