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A Girl Wore One Outfit for 2 Months, and the Result Can Change Our Attitude to Shopping

Marina Testino is a girl with lots of followers on Instagram. Marina shares stylish photos and cares about the problem of excessive consumption. She thinks that people don’t need so many clothes. The girl is sure that to look incredible, you need just 1 outfit, and she’s proven she’s right with the help of her experiment, “One Dress to Impress”.

Bright Side likes the girl’s approach and encourages you to get acquainted with it.

Marina grew tired of constantly doubting what to wear and came up with an experiment.

She wondered if she could wear the same red suit for 2 months.

The experiment had begun.

Marina always clearly knew what to wear.

The girl had chosen such a bright color because she wanted to attract more people to the project.

She wanted people to think about conscious consumption.

The experiment let her escape from everyday clothing choices.

Of course, she washed her outfit often.

The girl took photos of herself every day and made sure her outfit suited every event.

Her red suit looked great at parties.

And it was a nice everyday garment.

She even worked in it...

...and got rest.

Marina thought she would be criticized. But it turns out, people barely care about what we wear.

Because it’s confidence that makes us beautiful, not popular trends!

By the end of her experiment, the girl decided to add something new to her suit.

But those 2 months proved to her and her followers that it’s quality that really matters, not quantity.

Instead of buying lots of cheap suits, it’s better to buy 1 that you’d like to wear for years.

Would you like to repeat Marina’s experiment? Do you have an item you can wear without changing it?

Preview photo credit marinatestino / instagram
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