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How to Choose the Perfect Bag for Your Body Type

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Body style ain't got nothing at all to do with the choosing.

You should choose your bag according to your CARRYING style.


Like, if you're going to a chique event and you'll only need to carry your phone, your housekeys, and a handkerchief, you can go with the minimalist 5"×7" envelope style.


But if you're a mother of 3 (which includes your significant other) and you have to schlepp around all of the following:





-extra phone from work

-purse with change for parking

-wallet with your last $20 bill (surprise when you need it and you find your significant other borrowed it)

-makeup bag

-sippy cup for the 3 yr old

-juice pack for the 5 yr old

-2 cans of beer for the significant other

-bag of wine (camouflaged as a maxi make up bag) for yourself (because you know you will need it)

-dinosaur toy


-a Rubik's Cube

-the deed to your house

-2 lollipops from last weekend's trip to the beach

-approx. a cup of sand from said beach

-3 plastic fold-up rainponchos, bought, yes, on that beach day

-idem umbrella

-the book you've been trying to read the past 6 months

-a pack of mints

-a copy of your parents' life insurance

-a sachet of herbs to make tranquilizing tea (or to smoke, depending on the level of insanity you can cope with)

-your daughter's left shoe that's been missing for 3 weeks now (if it were your son's or your husband's no one would have noticed it's gone missing but Little Miss Princecita's got a photographic memory for her wardrobe)

-the stapler from your office

-the 76 tickets for a benefit event with the 38 letters you should have stapled them to 3 days ago

-the prescriptions for medicine for your dog

-the dog's leash

-the guest list for your best friends shower party


Like I was saying, if you need to carry all that, you'll need a bigger boat.
I was just going to say to carry a purse you like that holds what it needs to hold, as long as it isn’t too heavy.
2 years ago
Hidden for the greater good.
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