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10 Shoe Life Hacks to Keep Your Feet Safe and Healthy

Statistics made it clear: half of the women in the UK and 1/3 in the US wear the wrong size shoes. The hack of hacks is, and always will be, to wear the right shoe size! But apart from that, we know some of you need extra tips when wearing and caring for your feet. You’ll be glad to know that most of what you can do to protect them and keep them healthy is within your reach.

Bright Side has listed 10 easy ways to help you keep rocking those shoes. Don’t forget our lifesaving bonus!

1. Tape the 2nd and 3rd toes on each foot if you’re wearing heels to avoid hurting them.

2. Try walking barefoot as much as you can, you’ll let your feet breathe and it’s the best way to prevent nail fungus.

3. Stretch out your feet with a rubber band at the end of the day to help relieve stress and pain.

4. Spray some alcohol inside your shoes to close your pores and reduce sweating.

5. Apply strips of hot silicone on your soles to control slippery shoes.

6. Soak your feet in apple cider vinegar to avoid odors.

7. Don’t let the soles of your shoes touch your other shoes when stored, so that you avoid a pool of germs and odors.

8. Put water-filled Ziploc bags inside your shoes and leave them in the freezer to widen them.

9. If you have a blister on your heel, don’t put a band-aid horizontally, put it vertically to avoid rubbing it off with friction.

10. Rub stubborn calluses with pineapple, its acid levels and texture will ease the exfoliation.

Bonus: Choose the right type of shoes depending on your type of feet so you’ll feel more comfortable.

We’re definitely going to start practicing number 7! What do you do regularly to pamper your feet?

Illustrated by Tatyana Bogdanova for Bright Side
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