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15 People Whose Photos Will Drag You Out of Bed and Straight to the Gym

The New Year has passed and many Mondays have come and gone, but some of us just can’t find the nerve to change the things we’re tired of. Well, it looks like all those standard excuses like, “I don’t have time,” or “It’s too late,” work only for those who aren’t really ready to make the effort to change. To prove that, we’ve made a compilation of those who said they were fed up and started their fight with extra weight and succeeded.

We at Bright Side noticed that nothing (even age) is a barrier for those who make the decision to change. And we want to share this incredible motivation with you.

15. From 199 lb to 135 lb

14. From 220 lb to 160 lb

13. From 360 lb to 200 lb

12. From 480 lb to 210 lb

11. From 280 lb to 180 lb

10. From 235 lb to 128 lb

9. From 270 lb to 160 lb

8. From 182 lb to 129 lb

7. From 463 lb to 220 lb

6. From 200 lb to 135 lb

5. From 285 lb to 170 lb

4. From 135 lb to 116 lb

3. From 300 lb to 200 lb

2. From 329 lb to 171 lb

1. From 330 lb to 215 lb

What do you want to change in your life? Why can’t you start doing it right now?

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