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7 Ways Eating Soup Every Day Can Make a Big Splash in Your Life

Americans eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year. Just one dose of this warm potion is packed with healthy nutrients that can do wonders for your body and soul. It makes for quick and easy comfort food that can support your well-being in a number of different ways.

We at Bright Side have searched the internet to find out about the benefits of this delicious souperfood.

1. It warms you up.

When you’re feeling chilly, a bowl of soup can work wonders to warm you up. Nutritionists recommend having hot soup made of well-cooked root vegetables and spices to increase your core body temperature and to warm you from the inside out.

2. It’s hydrating.

Soup helps keep your body hydrated. In the winter, we usually sweat less than on hot summer days and we might neglect our fluid intake. Beyond just containing water, soup also contains salt that helps your body retain moisture.

3. It’s a perfect sports drink.

Sports drinks provide your body with carbohydrates and electrolytes. The main electrolyte in them is sodium. Salt is high in sodium, and it makes soup a nutritious and healthy sports drink alternative. Soup also provides fluid, fuel, and electrolytes, which make it a perfect pre-exercise food.

4. It’s an easy way to get kids to eat vegetables.

study in the Netherlands found that toddlers who were given vegetable soups containing spinach and other herbs, for 7 weeks, showed an improved tolerance for all kinds of vegetables. Kids from another group didn’t receive soup, and their acceptance of vegetables didn’t change.

5. It’s a great cold remedy.

Although chicken soup won’t make an illness go away, it can alleviate the symptoms. Ingesting warm liquids, like chicken soup, might be soothing and may ease congestion by increasing mucus flow.

6. It retains all the vitamins of its ingredients.

Eating soup is one of the best ways to get the full nutritional content of your food. Nutritionists suggest using green, orange, and red vegetables when cooking soup, because they are rich in vitamins, like vitamin B-complex, A, C, and K. Green herbs, like parsley and dill, will make your soup even healthier as they are packed with iron and vitamin C.

7. It helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Soup is a great addition to your diet, to help manage your weight. Studies have found that people who regularly eat soup are less likely to be obese, compared with those who don’t eat soup at all. Soup is low in calories and incredibly filling at the same time. Including soup on your daily menu may help reduce the number of calories you eat per day.

How often do you eat soup? Do you have any soup recipes you’d like to share with other Bright Siders?

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