8 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle

Weight loss is often a slow business, so you wish there was a way to speed things up a little. Well, go ahead and rejoice dieting people, because there are many indirect means to burn more calories, suppress your appetite, and improve your muscle tone.

Bright Side collected a few small tips and tricks for smooth weight loss and we couldn’t be happier to share them with you.

1. Light a candle

Imagine a vanilla-scented candle. Sounds sweet, right? Vanilla is famous as a flavor in ice cream and baking, things hardly associated with weight loss. But as it turns out, when we spend a lot of time around a tasty smell, it halts our appetite. Vanilla specifically kills the desire for sweets, especially chocolate. So, filling your home with the scent of vanilla is a good way to keep cravings at bay.

2. Eat unpeeled fruits and vegetables

There’s no doubt that eating fruits and veggies does wonders for your health. But they’re even more beneficial when consumed with a peel. Peels are packed with antioxidants and fiber, which helps to reduce hunger and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Good bacteria that live in the microflora of our stomach also feed on fiber and produce fatty acids, boosting the feelings of satiety.

And as a bonus, eating peels can help prevent some nasty diseases, like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

3. Put a mirror where you eat

Watching ourselves eat dramatically impacts how much we eat, a study shows. This study involved 185 students, half were eating chocolate cake, the other half — a fruit salad. Students who had to eat cake in front of the mirror didn’t enjoy themselves at all, unlike students eating the salad. Apparently, we dislike the visual image of us overeating or eating unhealthy, so this way we’re less likely to indulge.

4. Straighten up

There are a lot of good reasons to better your posture. It makes you look leaner and taller, and it also strengthens your abdominal muscles. It may help you to improve your energy levels and get rid of diet-induced fatigue. So if you make a habit out of it, you’ll be working on your ab muscles while you’re sitting and standing — constantly and effortlessly!

5. Fidget

Tapping, pacing, wiggling, shifting, and shaking — all these extra movements throughout the day only make you expend more energy and burn more calories. Adding up to a substantial amount — between 100 and 800 calories. When researchers overfed people by 1,000 calories per day, those who fidgeted fought off weight gain much more effectively. So, don’t think of it as a tic, but as a tiny spontaneous exercise.

6. Take vitamin D

Vitamin D not only helps to support your immune system and strengthen your bones and teeth, it also affects your body fat. Whether it suppresses the formation and stockpiling of fat cells or produces serotonin which helps to control the appetite, vitamin D gets the job done. So, try to reach out more for eggs, mushrooms, and fish that are loaded with this vitamin.

7. Wear stilettos

Believe it or not, wearing high heels gives your legs and spine a full-fledged “leg-day.” Stilettos demand that you keep your posture straight (this in itself is an exercise!) and help shape your calf muscles, improving their tone and strength. So, the simple act of walking in these has its fair share of daily calorie burning. That being said, be mindful of the health risks that come from the constant wearing of high heels.

8. Eat more spice

Consider introducing more heat into your diet: spicy food can be a big help in reducing appetite and increasing energy spending. For example, black pepper prevents the formation of fat cells, ginger and cinnamon control blood sugar levels, turmeric and cumin burn fat, and cayenne pepper boosts your metabolism. And let’s not even mention the amazing flavors they bring to your food!

What are your weight loss methods?

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