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Experts Have Determined What Your Selfie Can Reveal About You

You open up your feed and there they are: multiple selfies from multiple people. With millions of selfies posted and shared by many users at all times, we tend to get an impression of people’s personalities based on their pictures. According to a Singaporean study, a “selfie” says a lot about you.

As we from Bright Side are always so interested in discovering psychological nuances about people, we might as well understand what our selfies say about us in a more profound way. You may be surprised with what we’ve figured out!

1. Wants to feel tall and more masculine

Camera angles are everything, especially when it comes to impressions. According to a study, taller men are perceived as more attractive and masculine — and that is why their selfies are often taken from below, as they appear to looking down on someone who’s shorter.

What is even more interesting is that it is more likely for us to find “below” selfies from men on Tinder than on Instagram. Considering that Tinder is focused on dating, it becomes clear why this camera angle is preferred, when the impression of power and dominance is desirable.

2. Wants to show their attractive side

Take a look at your selfies — do they show you using the left or right cheek? Chances are most of them will enhance the left one. The reason is interesting — the left side of the cheek better communicates emotions and is perceived as more attractive, according to a study. Next time you snap a selfie, you should remember this!

3. Wants to feel petite and more feminine

If you are a woman taking a picture from above, you might be trying to express femininity. According to a study, women take pictures from above in order to appear shorter to the viewer, which is exactly the opposite of men snapping a picture from below. By taking a selfie from above, women might be trying to communicate not only that they are short, but also that they are faithful and beautiful.

4. Wants to look authentic and spontaneous

Selfies often indicate our mood — and also other people’s judgment. A study concluded that if you’re not posing in natural, everyday situations, you may be perceived as an authentic person. Enjoying a nice breeze or having a relaxing day? Taking a selfie might give others a good impression of your personality.

5. Might give off a “neurotic” vibe

Neuroticism is associated with people who may express anxiety and who are sometimes in a bad mood. A study showed that participants of a survey perceived selfies from users making a “duck face” as neurotic, especially if they were alone in the picture. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean this is always true, but keeping that in mind might be important depending on the vibe you’d like to convey.

6. Looks like someone who’s conscientious

Experts say that if you take fewer selfies in private locations, like at home, and more selfies in public locations with information about where you are, you might be perceived as someone who’s conscientious. The same goes if you are not used to making a duckface or using Photoshop on your pics. Being someone conscientious means that you tend to be cautious, clear with your behavior and communication, and are hardworking and disciplined.

7. Looks cooperative and trusting

If you are used to taking pics from below, making direct eye contact with the camera, and showing positive emotions, good news! Chances are, you are being perceived as someone who is agreeable. According to researchers, that means you might give off kind, cooperative, trusting, and sociable vibes.

8. Looks open and like a risk-taker

When taking a selfie with a smile, without pressed lips, you might be considered an open person, according to other people’s judgment. An open person is perceived as creative and as a risk-taker.

What are your usual go-to selfie poses? Do you think about the message you may be sending when taking a selfie?

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