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15 People Revealed the Moment Their Heart Finally Said, “I Will Marry This Person”

People always wonder how it feels to find “the one.” They ask how you can tell if you’ve met the person you’ll share a life and build a bright future with. To find out, we discovered people who have found their soul mate to learn from them.

The Bright Side team wants to celebrate love and soul mates by sharing real stories of how 15 people knew that they wanted to marry the person they were dating.

  • “I lost my brother just after we met and became good friends. Close to the year anniversary of my brother’s death, we were living together. I bought some milk from the grocery store and checked the expiration date. I noted passively that it was the anniversary of my brother’s death
    and pretty much forgot about it.
    A few days later, I went to put milk in my coffee and saw that the date on the milk was scribbled out with a sharpie. I immediately knew he had done it just so I wouldn’t have to be reminded of that day.” © ******firstwife / Reddit
  • “We lived on different continents and I had fewer vacation days than him, so when he came over to visit me, I still had to work. He made me a packed lunch the first day while I was getting ready for work. I didn’t ask him to, and I usually forgot to eat or skipped lunch.
    My heart melted when he handed the bag to me as I walked out the door (he had even drawn a little bunny, his nickname for me, on the sandwich wrap). I grew up with not-very-engaged parents and was used to being very independent and fending for myself. Food was always last on my priority list. With him, food = love. He continues feeding me delicious food (and love) today, 15 years later.” © princess_o_darkness / Reddit
  • “So many moments made me love him, but I knew he was ’the one’ when my big brother (who is incredibly shy, extremely slow to warm up to people, and generally keeps his opinion of people to himself) casually said, ’He’s good to people. I hope he stays around a while.’ It may not seem like much, but that is a huge praise and spoke volumes to me about the quality of my partner.” © featherfloof / Reddit
  • “So when my partner and I got together, we were just ’hanging out’ in what we both acknowledged was more than friends but not a relationship. I had just left a long-term thing, and he had never had a relationship, so we were both nervous. About 2 months into ’not being in a relationship’ I turned to him one day and said, ’You know I’m your girlfriend, don’t you?’ And he said yeah, smiled, and kissed me. So that was that.” © Alpha_uterus / Reddit
  • “Before I met my husband, I avoided conflict like the plague. About 3-4 months into our relationship, we got into a huge fight, about what I don’t remember, and he suggested we go on a walk and talk it out. I didn’t want to talk at all. I ended up speed-walking like 100 feet ahead of him because I didn’t want to talk it out.
    No one else I had dated before cared enough to talk about our issues or actually ask me why I felt the way I did, so I always ran away, something I was attempting to do at that moment as well. My now husband states from behind that all I am proving right now is that I can walk faster than him and to please come back and talk to him or just walk with him.” © krisanthemum / Reddit
  • “My brother had a mental health crisis and can’t really work full-time. My parents are able to help him out, but I was on the phone with my mom and crying about how one day it’ll just be me (my brother is my only sibling). My brother will probably need to live in the same town as me, if not with me. And my (now husband) didn’t hesitate. ’Of course, he’d live with us, no question, I wouldn’t expect anything else.’ I knew he was the one to build a family with.” © dancing_light / Reddit
  • “As an introvert, for me, it was the realization that no matter how much time I spend with him, I never feel tired or worn down. We always have something to talk about, and I never need breaks from him. ’Us time’ is just as good as ’me time,’ and being around him actually centers me and makes me feel better in any situation. In previous relationships, I never even liked to stay overnight because I’d feel so drained afterward. But being with him, even 24/7, is just easy.” © Thievie / Reddit

What was the moment you realized you were head over heels and couldn’t imagine life without that person?

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