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20 Love Stories That Could Come Straight Out of a Soap Opera

We can say that most of us like love stories. Although sometimes we say they are too cheesy, we fantasize about living something similar. Well, it turns out that some do have the joy of having the planets align to make them live a romance full of magical coincidences worthy of a rom-com.

Bright Side compiled several testimonies of people whose destiny seems to have brought them together.

1. “My husband & I are both airline pilots. We passed each other in the sky over Denver last night.”


3. “Had a (really, really) short fling as teenagers, reconnected after 12 years, fell madly in love, and married within 2 months.”


“I live in LA and have no family here. One year, I couldn’t travel to visit relatives during Christmas, so I was stuck in LA during Christmas alone. I found out a homeless shelter needed help on Christmas Eve to build a Santa village. I emailed all my friends, knowing everyone would be too busy for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I get a knock on my door, ’Hi, you don’t know me, but my friend forwarded me your email. Can I join?’ A year later, we got engaged. Next month will be our 15-year anniversary. I joked that she was the best Christmas gift Santa has ever given me.” © shaka_sulu / Reddit

5. A love that is foolproof

“First anniversary and finally on our honeymoon in Kauai! When we were engaged, my partner was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and we got married during his chemotherapy. He’s in remission now, and all his hair is back.”


“A long time ago (I was in my late 20s), I went with my sister to a courtyard music thing. On the way there, I told my sister that I hated the thing where females were supposed to be approached, asked for their phone numbers, and waited for guys to call them. I said that way you never get to pick guys that look interesting to you, and women should just approach guys they fancied. So anyway, we’re enjoying the music, and my sister says, ‘Okay, how about those two over there?’ Well, she challenged me...was I going to follow through? I went over and asked them how they liked the music. I married one. My sister married the other. True story.” © Selfeducated / Reddit

7. “Married 46 years today. How it started, how it’s going.”


9. “My girlfriend and I got each other the same Valentine’s card.”


“My boyfriend and I just moved in together and my parents gave me a serving set they had gotten in Mexico 20+ years ago that I’d always loved. Then a few days later, his parents came over and gave us the rest of the set with the exact same pattern that they had gotten on the same beach 20+ years ago. They had all never met each other. We had a good laugh: we must’ve been meant to be.” © is-that-allowed / Reddit

11. “It is possible to have a lifetime of love with one person.”


“My now wife and I, back in middle/high school, had the same classes same friend groups but never actually met each other. We’re now married for 5 years and together for 10. The icing on the cake was that an elementary school hooligan stole a bunch of my favorite Pokemon cards. And when we moved into our current home, my now-wife was going through the binders of her collection, and I noticed something only I did with my cards. I take a closer look and ask, ’Where did you get these?’ ’Oh, my friend Matt!’ Guess who stole my cards and gave them to my now-wife? I now have all my favorite Pokemon cards back! It was meant to be.” © paulxombie1331 / Reddit

13. “My parents on their wedding day on this day in 1982, still have the same bike and tops.”


15. “My wife and I, about age 10, took the same vacation pic. We didn’t meet until we were 30. This frame was displayed at our wedding.”


17. “After moving into our first home together, my wife and I realized we each had the exact same birthday for our first birthdays.”


“My wife and I are from the same town (but went to different schools), had a lot of the same friends, and we have traced back that we were at the same events and even the same birthday party going as far back as when we were 12 years old. But we didn’t actually meet until we were 26 when we ran into each other at an airport. We have now been together for 16 years and have 2 kids.” © Dreadnaught_IPA / Reddit

19. “My wife sent the photo of our daughter to her dad. He replied by sending a photo of my wife doing the same thing.”

20. “My wife and I took the same senior photo in high school, 2000 miles apart, back in the late 1980s.”

“We met 30 years after these were taken and discovered we went to the same university, lived in the same dorm at the same time, and had several mutual friends.”

In what unique way did you meet your partner? How do you think fate influences love stories?

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