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6 Ways How to Strengthen Your Relationship by Watching TV

Sometimes, watching television can have a negative influence on people, especially children. But there’s also a good side of it that adults can benefit from. According to several studies, watching TV can be a healthy way to save a collapsing relationship.

Bright Side found out that if you and your partner watch the right shows together, you can strengthen your relationship and connect with each other on a deeper level. And don’t miss the bonus point at the end of the article.

1. Watching TV with your partner will create a sense of shared identity between the 2 of you.

According to research, one way for couples to feel closer to one another is to have a “shared social reality.” Besides having a social life, this can also be achieved by watching movies or TV shows you and your partner enjoy together. This can help you feel more connected and on the same page with each other.

2. Discussing romantic movies with your partner can save you from a divorce.

Watching romantic movies together with your partner can bring back memories about your relationship journey. And in some situations, it can be easier for both of you to discuss an on-screen relationship rather than talk about your own. This can lead to open communication, which, in some cases, can save your relationship.

3. Relationship problems of TV characters can help you resolve your own.

Most people find it hard to talk about their needs and feelings when it comes to their own relationships. But according to a psychology professor, shared film viewing allows partners to use the characters as a way to ease into these kinds of discussions, making it easier and a lot more comfortable.

4. Watching sitcoms with your partner can give you a special experience.

According to dating coach Leonardo Bustos, laughing sends endorphins to our brain and makes us feel good. An endorphin-rich moment can create a new bonding experience and make people forget about their problems for a little while. Sitcoms like Friends, Modern Family, or How I Met Your Mother are just a few great choices for spending quality time with your partner.

5. If you have different personalities, watching TV together can be your string.

If both of you are working in a different domain or don’t share any mutual friends or interests, it can be difficult for you to find topics to talk about and maintain meaningful communication. Finding a common pillar that gives you a communication ramp can be the key to a successful relationship.

6. Watching dramas can help you express your feelings more easily.

According to a professor of psychology, dramatic films or TV series tend to have the highest impact, as couples are usually together from the beginning of the show. Also, dramas usually reveal real-life situations that can encourage you and your partner to share your opinion about on-screen situations and spontaneously start a conversation about your own relationship.

Bonus: The movie-and-talk approach can be just as effective as other therapist-led methods.

Couples therapy, for some, can be an unpleasant and stressful experience. On the other hand, watching movies and talking about them can be less scary, pathologizing, and stigmatizing. This way, your partner will be more willing to take part, as the whole process will take place from the comfort of your home.

Do you believe that watching TV with your partner can be beneficial to your relationship?

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