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A Man Paid Off His Ex’s Mortgage and Showed Us That Friendship Can Survive, Even After a Breakup

A relationship can suffer shifts and changes quite fast, without us even noticing. And with time, people can even grow apart. This is what happened to Shaun Nyland and Cat Keenan, who, prior to their breakup, had been together for 8 years, creating content on Facebook. Though their relationship ended, family is more important than anything, and this huge surprise is just the proof we needed.

We at Bright Side felt inspired by their positivity, so we interviewed both of them about their experience. We hope this act of kindness brings a smile to your face because it certainly made us grin.

Together since November 2013

The couple got together in 2013 during a night out, as Shaun himself told us in an interview. They have been raising 2 baby boys together, who have since made some appearances in their Facebook videos.

The 2 decided to call it quits after 8 years of being together, and we asked Shaun to tell us a little bit about their journey and their ultimate decision to split up. “We never ended on bad terms. The reason we broke up was because our relationship was becoming more of a friendship than of lovers. We spent 24 hours a day together, working together on social media,” he told us.

Making it work for the sake of family

Even after they split up, they never stopped raising their boys together with love. We asked Cat to tell us a bit more about the way their relationship progressed and about their decision to still be friends. “We have a child together so we both feel it’s important for him to be around 2 happy parents that can communicate and get on well,” she said. And that’s just amazing!

The present of a lifetime

We can tell both parents just want the best for their kids, which was, ultimately, one of the reasons why Shaun decided to surprise Cat by paying off her mortgage. He wanted to make sure Cat could take care of the kids without worrying about providing for them, including paying the mortgage.

“I’m so proud of you, you’re the best mom ever, so I did something...” And “something” he certainly did, right on Cat’s birthday! We were so curious to find out how Cat felt, going through an experience as shocking as this one, so we asked her just that. “I had no idea, it was a complete surprise, and still shocks me now,” she said. And we understand!

“We are in such a good place right now, we get on so well.”

Separating doesn’t mean anything when you have such a tight bond as a family! And we can definitely see that with Cat and Shaun. They adore their children, and that will never change, despite their breakup.

Putting yourself in second place in favor of your children is definitely something parents have always done, and we appreciate them for it! It’s safe to say we can all learn something from their experience.

“The kids’ happiness means everything to us...”

The couple definitely realized what’s important in order for a relationship like theirs to blossom. But what is the recipe for such a healthy relationship, even after a breakup? Time apart. According to Cat, time spent apart is beneficial: getting to know yourself and growing on your own.

“Tips for anyone going through a tough time would be: give it time; Shaun and I spent 3 1/2 months apart. We needed this time and space to work on ourselves,” she told us.

They’re definitely an example for their children and for us as well. Good job, guys! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Would you ever do something like this for a loved one? Has someone ever given you a present that you were shocked to receive?

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