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Researchers Share 6 Reasons Why Polyamory Could Be Right for You

Polyamory is a lifestyle where one person can love more partners at one time with commitment, honesty, passion, and romance. One of the main pillars in these relationships is talking and setting boundaries, which makes the partners closer to each other.

There isn’t only one recipe for love. By adding more or less sugar and spice, each of us creates our own unique version. That’s why we at Bright Side decided to find out more about polyamorous relationships and their advantages.

People are polyamorous by nature.

Our ancestors were polyamorous, but later on, monogamy took its place. However, according to research, only a few people are really monogamous because many people divorce and start new relationships, which is actually serial monogamy. And, according to statistics, around 53% of divorces in the US are due to infidelity.

Polyamorous relationships are honest and transparent.

Many people mistake polyamory for infidelity, but polyamorous families never strive to do things behind a partner’s back. In this kind of relationship, partners don’t hide their other relationships or their emotions. They feel free to talk openly about the other partners they’re seeing and don’t feel guilty about expressing love to several partners.

Different partners can satisfy different needs.

Sometimes, in monogamous relationships, one of the partners might have trouble expressing feelings and emotions toward the other one. In these cases, the partner that isn’t emotionally satisfied usually gets angry and frustrated and tries to change the partner.

In polyamorous relationships, this issue might not even occur, as the partner who needs more emotional bonding can find another partner that can fulfill the emotional void.

Boredom won’t be one of the causes of the end of your relationship.

Many marriages fall apart because of boredom. But the diversity that polyamorous relationships encourage prevents partners from drowning in the daily grind. For example, if one of the partners is calm and wants to spend more time at home, the other partner can be the opposite and satisfy your adventurous side.

People practicing polyamory are less prone to jealousy.

Polyamorous partners do feel jealousy, especially at the beginning of their relationships. However, they talk openly with their partner about their feelings and emotions, which helps them overcome them and deal with this fear.

Each relationship can bring something different to the table.

Beth Wallace has embraced polyamory, and she revealed that she was seeing 3 men, and each of her relationships offered something different: “With one of my boyfriends, we had lots of fun. He was younger than me and it was a fun-based relationship where we did fun things and laughed a lot. The second guy was older, and we would have meaningful conversations about life. He unveiled the philosophical aspect of my personality. The other guy was an artist, and he brought out the creative side in me.”

What are your thoughts on polyamorous relationships? Have you ever considered being in one?

Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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