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Taylor Lautner and Wife Taylor Lautner Found the Perfect Way to Avoid Name Confusion

Things can get a little complicated when you and your spouse share the exact same name. But Taylor Lautner, and wife Taylor have found a smooth way to resolve this issue, and we think it is super adorable.

One couple, one family, one name.

The 31-year-old actor and his wife were recently interviewed about their podcast The Squeeze and during the chat, the host brought up the fact that they had the same name given that Taylor had taken her husband’s last name.

The interviewer asked, ’’Your friends and family, they call you (the actor) Taylor, and they just call you (his wife) Tay?’’

The actor’s wife, whose maiden name is Dome, admitted the potential confusion that can arise from her name. The young woman replied, ’’Yeah, we’ve kind of got boy Tay, girl Tay going on. And that was how they differentiate it.’’ She then added, ’’But now I’m always girl Tay, and he’s always boy Tay — even when we’re not together.’’

His sister brought them together.

During the interview, the pair also opened up about the beginning of their romance. The Twilight star revealed that he was introduced to his future wife thanks to his sister. He explained that a little time after the two women met, his sister called him saying, ’’I have this new friend, and I think she’s your future wife. You need to meet her.’’

The sister’s prediction was fully on point as the pair tied the knot in November 2022.

His wife wasn’t rooting for him in Twilight.

The actor has bantered about his wife’s past preference for Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen, over his own character, Jacob Black, in the Twilight film series. But the young woman admitted that her preference changed after falling in love with the actor.

And luckily, Lautner took no offense to his wife’s past infatuation. He noted, ’’And at one point, I think she did just tell me that she was on the other side.’’ He humorously added, ’’I was fine with it as long as I converted her now.’’

It seems that this couple’s love is only growing with time, and recently Taylor prepared the most heartwarming surprise for his wife’s 26th birthday.

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