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11 “TikTok Made Me Buy It” Products You Will Use All the Time

Videos with rainbow bath bombs, hair scrunchies with secret pockets, and even a smart button pusher have exploded on TikTok and got millions of views. This got us thinking that maybe you don’t need to be a Gen Z representative to appreciate trending products. And yeah, it seems they’re gonna make a big change in your daily routine.

11. An instant carpet spot remover that will clean anything from pet pee-mergencies to ink and spilled cosmetics. You just need to spray it on, wait for it to dry, and then vacuum it off. The good thing is that it won’t take the color out of your carpet, it’ll just remove the stain. PLUS, it’s odor-free.

The good thing about this bottle is that its magic works not only for carpets. For example, you can use it as a stain remover on all your clothes before washing them or apply it to your dirty furniture that has been a thorn in your side for too long:

Promising review: I remember being completely dumbfounded by my pencil eraser as a kid. Where did the marks go? I looked in the air. I looked under my paper. What’s it made of? Does it have to be pink?
This carpet cleaner caused the same dumbfounded confusion when “spray, rub, gone” actually worked. I’ve obviously lost some of my childhood curiosity over the years because I didn’t try to figure out how the carpet stain disappeared. Who cares? It’s gone! I practically skipped to the next room to try it out. The memory smudge of food, footprints, and dog vomit. Gone. It even worked SOMEWHAT on the decade-old mystery stain left behind by the previous owners that professional carpet cleaning couldn’t remove.
How does it work? I don’t care.
What are the ingredients? Pixie dust and incantation.
Where did all the stains go? Away. @Mim

Check this bottle in action on TikTok here

10. A set of matte hair claw clips that reviewers can’t stop raving about. They will become your fav choice on those days when having your hair down feels like “Oh, no.” They fit any hair type and can match many outfits.

What’s good about these clips is that they may be your lifesavers during routine tasks. Wear them when you wash your face, do your morning beauty routine, do sports, cook, or clean your house. They’re so lightweight that wearing them all day long won’t give you a headache.

Promising review: I highly recommend them as they are just perfect in size, they are sturdy but delicate, and they don’t get loose after being used. I bought them for myself a while ago, and now I bought another box to give as a present to my mom and sister because they are one-of-a-kind! @fiorella

Check these hair clips in action on TikTok here

9. This switch button pusher is the simplest way to make your home smart. When you’re too busy, lazy, or tired, it’ll automatically turn on the lights, TV, humidifier, coffee machine, kettle, and many other things according to the schedule you set in the app.

It’ll free your hands, so you can take care of your baby, fluffy friend, and routine stuff or just help you avoid any fight over who forgot to switch the light off in the bathroom again. You can even reach out to the gadgets that are kept hidden away in a different room. If you happen to have SwitchBot Hub, good news for you! You can control your switcher remotely from anywhere, PLUS enable voice control. It works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Promising review: I’ve had a lot of smart devices in my life, and I can honestly say this one is exactly what a smart device should be.
The bot: Firstly, the bot itself. It feels pretty solid, has nice matte black plastic, so it won’t sheen off every light, and comes with a preinstalled 3M sticky backing. It came with a plastic protector on it too, which is a nice thought, and a little battery tab to stop it from draining in the box. (It’s a replaceable battery too!!)
Set-up: I’m not joking here, I pulled out the battery tab, opened the app, and pressed on the little ’+’ symbol to add a new device. It was instantly there waiting to be paired. It asked me the name of the bot and that was it. Added!
Is it strong enough to press a stiff button? I had that thought too. I used this on my air-con, which has one of those stiff membrane buttons that usually needs to be pressed twice as the first press always misses, but when I activated this in my hand I felt it push down with a fair amount of force. I stuck the bot on my air-con unit and BAM! It works 100% of the time.
I tend to always be fair and try to give some negatives, but I really can’t think of any in this case. The bot does exactly as it says on the box; it pairs quickly, it looks nice, and thanks to having a replaceable battery, I don’t have to worry about charging it.
5/5 product for me, and I will be buying more. @Alex

Check this switcher in action on TikTok here

8. A bag sealer that will re-close any snack bag you won’t be able to finish in one go. It’s a must-have if you want to avoid waste and mold growth, and strive to keep your food fresh and tasty. It’ll also save you a fortune on saved food, which usually dries out too quickly.

Forget about those bag clips forever (to be honest, we believe that they still let some air in.) And there is a nice surprise for you. Actually, it’s a 2-in-1 gadget. It has a razor blade at the bottom for opening snack bags or any other boxes.

Promising review: It’s simple to use and does not take up much storage space. Does the job in seconds. So far so good, been sealing all bags I could find. Wasn’t sure why there needed to be a built-in knife, but now I realize the idea. Happy with the purchase, hope it lasts. @Lesley

Check this sealer in action on TikTok here

7. A drink holder that will guard you against injuries, and accidental spills (and subsequent cleaning) on your floor, couch, armchair, or recliner if you are on the team of lovers to rest your cup on the arm of your sofa. You can also use it as a baby bottle holder at times when you wish you had another pair of free hands.

This coaster can hold a variety of mugs, cups, flasks, and tumblers. Plus, it comes with an adapter that makes it possible to fit smaller drinkware like bottles and cans. While the holder is designed to wrap over armrests measuring at least 5.5″ / 14 cm wide, you can lay it horizontally, tuck it between seat cushions and pillows, or drape it over the back rest on any other upholstery.

It also works for cars that don’t have built-in cup holders:

Promising review: I bought this as a sort of joke present for my boyfriend, as a couple of days before he had a few drinks on the lounge floor and knocked them over. I think I can safely say it’s the best present I have ever brought him! He uses it every single day. It perfectly fits his favorite glass, which is a bonus. It’s really sturdy and has stopped many spillages already. I think it could be a little bit cheaper, but to be honest, with the amount of use it gets, it’s definitely worth it in our house. @Feplee

Check this cup holder in action on TikTok here

6. A tissue box holder that will provide you with an easy (and LOLable) way to blow your or your guests’ nose or wipe away your tears. Also, it’ll serve as a beautiful decoration in your home or office if you don’t want to use it as a cover. It’ll look great next to a plant collection and will compliment a botanical interior style.

The Moai tissue box holder has all the features of the original Moai (but with a fun twist). It’s even made of a special resin that resembles the volcanic rock like the original statues on Easter Island. The natives of the island believe that the spirits of the people whom the statues were built to honor watch over the tribe and bring good fortune. Who knows, maybe this small copy will bring some luck to you too.

Promising review: He is so much fun. He is larger than expected, but very happy with the purchase. He is a good weight, definitely not flimsy, and he looks great. Some tissue boxes have to be shoved in a little, but no biggie. They defo don’t fall out. I happen to use him in my home office, and he wears my headset when I’m not on a call. Functional and amusing @Butterfly

Check this tissue holder in action on TikTok here

5. A rainbow bath bomb that will explode to end all worries of your day. Watch it release rainbow bubbles while kicking your fatigue away and making you relax and enjoy it. PLUS, it’s a great way to help your kids who aren’t fond of bath time to have fun and get comfortable being in the water.

In Ireland, they say that you can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. There are some leprechauns guarding it, but that’s another story. While the rainbow you’ll get with this bath bomb won’t bring you a fortune, it’ll moisturize and nourish your skin instead. By the way, the bath bombs are made of natural materials, so they won’t stain your skin or your tub. One bath bomb will bring you 20 minutes of rainbow SPA.

Promising review: Bought these bath bombs on a lightning deal. Quite big. They slowly realise a rainbow of colors, eventually turning the water a dark blue. They don’t stain the bath. I have sensitive skin and didn’t get any adverse reaction. @Twinkle reindeer

Check the bombs in action on TikTok here

4. A popular bubble mask that will turn you into a funny thunderstorm cloud at first and leave you with clean, soft, smooth, and shiny skin once you wash it away. The bubbles are very relaxing to listen to. Also, it’ll lift the spirits of your entire family.

The mask comes with a free headband and a mask brush.


  • Scoop a proper amount of the mask with a spatula and spread it evenly over your face. Good news: you don’t have to remove makeup as it’s also a cleanser.
  • Wait for 5 minutes until clay starts bubbling up and gently massage around your face.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Repeat 2–3 times a week

Promising review: Brightened up my face, made my face look fresh, and was really easy to use. Made my skin feel soft too. I would highly recommend this product. It’s fantastic. @Happymama

Check the mask in action on TikTok here

3. This toothpick dispenser will set you free from germaphobia. Yep, if watching people touch all toothpicks to get one out of the container gives you anxiety (yikes!), this birdie is your life-saver. It will also decorate your space and bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

It comes with a set of toothpicks. By the way, this dispenser even may make you feel powerful. Some buyers claim that the bird listens better than grandkids. You want a toothpick, and there it is!

Promising review: Rest of all, I like anything that has a cute face. That should tell you something about my home. This little guy fits right in. Super cute and dispensers one toothpick at a time, which is much more hygienic, and I don’t spill the whole box when I’m trying to get just one. Did I mention it’s cute? @Yvonne J. Hom

Check the bridie in action on TikTok here

2. These hair scrunchies will not only keep your hair in place but will also provide you with an additional pocket you may need so much during your morning runs or dog walks. You can put your keys, money, lipstick, and jewelry there and stop worrying about them being lost or stolen.

The scrunchies are made of velvet, which is very hair-friendly and great for all hair types. Because of its soft texture, it doesn’t create a very tight and damaging hold and minimizes creases and ponytail bumps.

Promising review: I’ve had alopecia for many years, but I just had to get these for friends, ’cuz I know I would’ve loved them when I had tons of hair! So I just had the joy of giving some of these to several of my besties. OMG, by their reactions, you would’ve thought I’d woven the fabric & fashioned them by hand myself! If you want to bring the biggest surprised smile (without spending a fortune) to 9 people, this is the perfect lil “just-‘cuz I-thought-of-you gift.” I love how the elastic inside is more like the thin wristband inside of a hoodie (very sturdy & easy to repair, if necessary). The velvety material looks well-made & is really soft. The zipper is a lil hard to find, meaning they did exactly what was needed for the purpose of this awesome hidden pocket/purse/scrunchie. Ohhh, the things we can hide in these!! I also decided to keep a couple, just for a “scrunchie-bracelet.” Anyway, for less than $2 a piece, you can’t go wrong. LUVZZZ!! @Nocturnal Creature

Check the hair scrunchies in action on TikTok here

1. A foam hand wash that will add a pinch of joy to handwashing. It’s an easy way to encourage your kids to clean their hands more often because every time they’ll pump the dispenser, they’ll get the perfect amount of foam in the shape of the Yuzu flower.

It’s formulated with traditional Japanese ingredients — vitamin C-rich Yuzu extract and soothing rice water — known for their power to nourish, brighten, and visibly plump skin with moisture. The soap features the fresh, uplifting citrus fragrance of Yuzu fruit.

Happy buyer’s review: I will admit, I first saw this soap on TikTok and thought that it would be a nice soap to try since I do seem to be washing my hands all the time these days. I was so excited when I received it to give it a try, just to see the pretty foam flower. I was very pleasantly surprised when I pushed down (twice) to get the foam to come out, and not only is the flower cute, but the foam is thick and luxurious and makes your hands feel totally moisturized after you wash them. The smell is very pretty and not overpowering at all. My teenager loves it too and is now finally washing her hands more like she was supposed to. I bought them for every bathroom in the house, as well as the kitchen. The fact that it’s really hands-free is also a real plus in this time of being extra sanitary. I almost don’t want to recommend it, so they don’t run out of stock! @Audra Williams

Check this foam hand soap in action on TikTok here

What is the most useful thing in your home? And what product are you dreaming of?

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