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11 School Supplies Deals From Amazon to Start the Year From a Blank Sheet

The beginning of the school year requires considerable financial investment from parents. But the most pleasant thing is to be able to save! After all, a lot of the necessary school supplies can be ordered with excellent discounts on Amazon.

Bright Side is sharing its findings with you. Check out these great deals on popular products!

1. Spacious pencil case with two pockets and a cute checkered design — 31% off.

Buy this pencil case on Amazon.

Amazon’s choice!

You can open the case from the side and top, which makes it easier and faster to collect items, and the strap on the handle makes it easy to carry. The large capacity allows it to hold up to 50 pens, so you can take everything you need!

2. Rotating desktop stationery organizer helps keep your desk tidy — 18% off.

Buy this organizer on Amazon.

So handy!

The 360° rotating stand provides easy access to essential items. Removable containers allow you to conveniently use the right items and return them to their place in one motion.

3. Quick-drying water-based marker pens in pleasant colors — 25% off.

Buy these marker pens on Amazon.

Required purchase!

These highly rated and reviewed markers highlight text and don’t print on the next page. The short and wide body makes them compact and easy to use.

4. Pencil case with a large capacity in different colours — 15% off.

Buy this pencil case on Amazon.

Super roomy!

You will never lose anything again. The main compartment holds up to 30-50 pens, while the zippered mesh pocket holds small stationery. Choose the color you like!

5. A set of graphite pencils that will last the entire school year — 21% off.

Buy these pencils on Amazon.


A graphite pencil is a versatile tool that is difficult to do without. This 36-piece set will last you a long time! It’s made from California cedar and will keep the core from breaking.

6. Set of 2 handy plastic clipboards with pen holder — 19% off.

Buy these clipboards on Amazon.

It opens!

A clipboard for paper and pens/pencils with a durable clip and clasp system will add comfort to the learning process! You can use it to store papers.

7. A set of rulers and all the necessary tools for drafting — 4% off.

Buy this set on Amazon.

Versatile set!

The set includes rulers, a protractor, and compasses with interchangeable stems. Everything you need to learn math and geometry fits in one handy case!

8. Scientific function calculator Casio — 25% off.

Buy this calculator on Amazon.


This reliable, professional grade scientific calculator helps you learn math and science concepts. Perform any calculation, from the most primitive to the most complex, and check the feasibility of your solutions!

9. A set of watercolors with 48 vibrant colors in a tin box — 33% off.

Buy these watercolours on Amazon.

Non toxic!

The highly pigmented watercolor paint has an incredible palette of colors and mixes well. Also, the paints dry quickly, are resistant to fading, and have excellent fluidity.

10. A4 colorful plastic waterproof folders to protect notebooks and papers — 14% off.

Buy this folders on Amazon.

So practical!

Made from high quality plastic, these A4 size wallets are resistant to stains, moisture, accidental tears, and creases. Your documents will always be in perfect condition! Sort and label your papers, so you can easily find what you need.

11. Professional set of 72 drawing pencils in a convenient case — 26% off.

Buy this set of pencils on Amazon.

Great gift!

These rich, brightly pigmented colors with a variety of hues and huge color variations will let your child’s creativity run wild!

How do you organize the workspace for children? Share your photos with us!

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