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A Kitchen Game-Changer That Will Rinse Your Glasses Like a Pro

Although many of us can’t wait to be done with our chores and have some time to relax, others can get really anxious about it because being constantly busy is their normal state. Whether you are a person who can’t stay still or someone who enjoys kicking back a little, there is no harm in making the process more efficient and taking advantage of a time-saving device. Take a look at this glass rinser that has all the chances of becoming a part of your cozy daily routine.

We’ve also created a bonus list of interesting kitchen items that can add to your comfort. Don’t forget to check it out!

This product has the potential to be the coolest gadget in your kitchen! It is also pretty easy to use.

Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to imagine doing your chores without it. The rinser simplifies this process enormously. You can wash cups, glasses, or even baby bottles with it.

How to use it:

  • Tilt the cup’s mouth down
  • Softly press the bottom
  • Remove the cup once it has been cleaned

Why do we like it so much?

  • It is a huge time-saver
  • Looks good and is a great addition to your kitchen sink
  • Does the job — blasts the cups clean in seconds
  • Comes with a complete installing kit. And the process of installing itself is very easy.
  • It is also just a very fun device to have

This device has a minimalistic design and will fit any interior nicely.

Promising reviews:

This is a fun kitchen gadget that really helps get dried drink residue out of your cups/mugs/glasses. We hooked ours up to the hot water, and it works even better! That sticky coffee residue is no match for all those strong water jets. It drains into the sink and so far we have not had any mishaps with water spraying anywhere. Love it! — Grace M Jones

LOVE this addition. I have kids who use a fresh cup for every sip they seem to take! They can easily wash the rim of the glass and then use the glass rinser to finish the job. We love tea and add cinnamon to it, which is a pain to clean — this does the job wonderfully. I hooked it up to the hot water to help with the cleaning. The warmer really does a better job. However, be careful because it does get hot fast! — Erik

I love this product and would suggest getting it for any sink. It’s well made, and the design fits perfectly in the kitchen. Easy to install, but I did take the suggestion and bought my own brass fittings instead of the provided ones. Only a few dollars more. And the plumbers suggested doing that as well. — Erid Flow

Buy the glass rinser HERE

Bonus: Here are additional items that you didn’t know you needed to make your time in the kitchen a blast.

5. This aerator is pretty and awesome! It has two settings. You can choose between a gentle bubble stream and a strong, forceful spray.

The device is well-engineered and easy to install. It is solidly built. The aerator also has a wide reach and a firm movement.

Promising review:

Very easy to install. It’s a shame it’s not that tad longer on the connection to sit completely flush, but a bit of PTFE tape and it really isn’t noticeable. I wish it had some sort of rubber/grip when turning which spray pattern you want, as when hands are wet, it requires two to turn it, but it’s easy to turn if you have gloves on.

Edit: two years now and it’s not leaked or had any reason to be removed. — Gimba

Buy the aerator HERE

4. This is an excellent choice for a mixer tap! “This tap is brilliant for its flexibility to reach the corners of the sink, for washing down the drainer, and for swilling items quickly.”

The mixer tap comes with a water-saving spray head which makes the water flow soft and without any noise or water splash. There are 2 spray modes: a stream mode and a spray one.

Promising review:
It did look a bit daunting to fit when I opened the box, but I found it was more difficult to remove the old tap assembly than to fit the new one. Access under my sink was tight. I did manage to tighten the sealing nut/clamp by hand as far as I could. I then used a long screwdriver & hammer to tap the sealing nut/clamp tight. (This stops the whole assembly spinning.) This bit was a two-man job. — Colin

Buy the mixer tap HERE

3. An organizer that is simple but ingenious. Its classy look is a nice bonus too. “This is a fantastic product compared to its competitors for the price. I love the beautiful color, and I love that the accessory holders slide in if you don’t want to use them. It’s sturdy, doesn’t tip over, and fits a multitude of accessories. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.”

The product keeps all your kitchen cleaning essentials tidy and easily accessible. It is made of durable material and is easy to clean.

Promising review:

Love it — better priced than the branded ones and still top quality. It makes the sink so much tidier!! Our washing-up liquid bottles are huge and don’t fit — so I’ve filled an old shower gel bottle instead to make it fit...The regular size should be fine. — ML

Buy the organizer HERE

2. Organizing your space will come easily and will not take a lot of time with this product: “We bought this dish sponge holder to keep the sink and surrounding area looking tidy. The holder is metal and has two suction cups on the back, which attach to a non-porous surface with a firm grip. The holder measures 14 cm wide, 6 cm high, and 5.5 cm deep. Overall, the holder works extremely well and does what it should do without any problems.”

This organizer is very versatile. It can be used as a sponge, a dish brush, or a dish soap holder.

Promising review:

The compact size allows easy access to remove drainage plugs from the small central sink area. Suction to the sidewall is adequate and keeps the item firmly in place. — Chris from Mansfield

Buy the holder HERE

1. This item is eye candy. Its antique-style look is its best feature. The fact that it does the job well goes without saying: “Wonderful! I have had this for 4 years already. I am so happy.”

The product is sturdy and easy to install. Instructions, hardware, and G1/2 standard fittings are included.

Promising review:

I am very pleased with the tap. I broke our old tap by leaning on it whilst tiling the kitchen! So it was 50 quid I hadn’t planned on spending and a job I hadn’t planned on doing tbh, but I have to say it looks great in our “revamped” kitchen. Delivered on time, easy/straightforward fit. — Amazon Customer

Buy the mixer tap HERE

What products bring comfort to your daily life?

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