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19 Convincing Reasons to Keep a Couple of Rubber Bands in Your Drawer

It looks like rubber bands may soon beat out duct tape when it comes to fixing things and making life easier. With just a few rubber bands in your hands, you can be your own engineer and get rid of a whole lot of everyday mishaps. Making the waist of your pants wider, designing a hygienic soap dish, or making a phone mount, keeping things in place — the list is endless.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected 19 rubber band tricks for you that are pretty simple, and we hope they’ll come in handy and help you tackle some pesky everyday problems.

1. “Make a quick and hygienic DIY soap dish using rubber bands and any ceramic or glass dish. It also looks cool.”

2. “Easy at-home solution when playing games with younger kids. No more lost dice!”

3. If the strap keeper on your watch breaks, you can keep the strap in place with the help of a rubber band.

4. “Instead of using a Ziplock to keep the end fresh, I fold over the plastic and hold it with an elastic band.”

5. “Transport your knives using an empty paper towel roll and rubber bands.”

6. If your pants are suddenly too tight in the waist.

7. “Use an old soft shirt and 2 rubber bands when your headphones start to peel.”

8. If your glasses are sliding down, fix a couple of rubber bands on the temples.

9. Use rubber bands to keep the lids of the kitchenware in place during transportation.

10. “No more greasy hands or counters.”

11. “If you don’t have a coffeemaker, you can use a filter cup and a rubber band. Then remove everything carefully.”

12. With this hack you don’t need a mount to use your phone in the car.

13. This trick can help you avoid the bad smell of closed empty jars and keep the lids in place.

14. Store your brushes together and separate them at the same time.

15. “Tie a rubber band around bottle caps, the extra traction makes them easier to twist open!”

16. Use rubber bands to fix the lens cap to your camera, and you won’t lose it.

17. “Anti-slip external hard drive fix.”

18. “Combine the not so frequently used items in your pencil case with a rubber band — so you can find the more frequently used ones easily.”

19. “Add rubber bands on the ends of hangers to prevent clothes from slipping off.”

Which of these rubber band tricks would you like to try? Do you have any cool life hacks you want to share with us and other readers? Tell us in the comments!

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