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25+ Little-Known Hotel Tricks That Can Upgrade Your Trip

A hotel room is like a new house, you have to adjust everything to suit yourself. And when there`s no nightstand or no microwave to warm up your food, you have to turn on your ingenuity. Luckily today there are people who share their traveling tricks on social media, so we can just sit back and take notes.

Here at Bright Side we strongly support thinking outside the box to solve a problem, so we picked some impressive, but really easy, hotel life-hacks for you! You can thank us later.

1. When you’re at a hotel, and you need a place to stash your toothbrush:

2. When your side of the bed in the hotel room does not have a night stand:

3. Tired of hotel curtains not closing all the way?

4. Hide your emergency money in a Chapstick container.

5. To keep your charging cables from falling in hotels, just use a fork!

6. Now you don`t have to keep pressing the button for the dryer to work!

7. DIY humidifier

8. Don`t have a phone stand? Use a can!

9. If your hotel room requires you to insert your key in order to turn on the power, you can put anything into the slot.

10. Use the coffee maker to warm up food when there`s no microwave.

11. If you forget your adapter, most TVs in hotels have a USB plug in port.

12. If you forgot makeup remover, you can use hair conditioner.

13. Use a hotel shower cap to pack your shoes.

14. A contact lens case is a great travel container for moisturizer and cream.

15. If the counter is too small, unfold the ironing board so you can have some extra space!

16. Use a daily pill box to keep your accessories separate.

17. How to heat up a burrito in a hotel room that doesn’t have a microwave:

18. Use a sunglasses case to keep all your wires in one place.

19. If it`s too noisy, cold, or the light bothers you — roll up a towel and wedge it under the door.

20. If you need speakers, just use a cup!

21. Use the hotel sink to keep your drinks cold with ice and water, if you don’t have a mini-fridge.

22. No desk in your hotel room? No problem!

23. Attach your car keys to your phone charger so you won’t forget it.

24. No soap dish in your hotel room? Use a small towel!

25. Pack “pop top” bottles with plastic wrap so they won`t spill.

26. This is a quick solution for when you don’t have a toothbrush container.

27. Use sugar packets as body scrub!

Have you ever used any of these tricks? Do you have something to add to this list? We`d be happy to see your pics and stories in the comment section below!

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