7 Tricks Used by Thieves to Steal Your Stuff

To steal stuff from your pocket, thieves use just 2 fingers. It’s a simple trick and you won’t even notice it, especially in crowded places. Still, it’s always better to be aware of such strategies so you can escape them in the future.

We at Bright Side wish you never have to meet with thieves, but we’re exposing 7 tricks that could be used to steal your stuff when you’re outside.

1. The “holding a baby” trick

A stranger may ask you to hold their baby, but be aware that it might be a trick to steal your stuff. There is not a distance far enough to get you safely away from this tactic. After a stranger gives you a baby, they make it seem like the baby might fall. While you’re trying to help, thieves just steal your stuff from your bags or pockets.

2. The “subway situation” trick

This situation may happen in a crowded place, like on public transportation. Thieves can steal something from your pocket and you won’t even feel it. They use 2 fingers in a V-shape to get into the pocket. Then they bump the knee or the butt of a person who is robbed. It’s basically a diversion so you won’t notice that they pull out a wallet or other things.

3. The “piece of paper” trick

This happens often, and the trick is actually old. Imagine a situation where you’re sitting in a cafe. Your phone is on the table close to you. A stranger comes over to you and starts giving you a piece of paper with text on it that says he is disabled and needs money. After he takes back the paper, your phone will also be gone.

They covered the phone with the paper to steal it. You notice it only after some time, once the stranger is already gone.

4. The “broken camera” trick

There is one more strategy that forces you to hold a camera and take a picture of the person. When you take the photo, you suddenly realize that the camera is broken and give it back. But this is the moment the problem starts.

The owner of the device gets angry and starts to blame you. Then the blaming turns into a demand for you to pay for it.

5. The “supermarket” trick

stranger may come up to you in a supermarket to ask for assistance to find a certain product. While the victim helps them, their handbag or jacket is left in the shopping cart, and even an entire purse can be snatched up.

6. The “selfie” trick

Being a tourist is fun, but be wary of pickpockets. You might be blocked by a group that takes a selfie. It could be thieves who try to cause a bottleneck to go through pockets and bags. You won’t even notice it.

7. The “false thief” trick

This is another situation that can take place somewhere crowded. One member of a group will yell, “Thief!” You then will start checking your bag or pockets, and this is how real thieves find out where you keep your valuable stuff. You will discover everything’s in place but not for long.

Have you ever been robbed? What modern tricks do you know that thieves use nowadays?

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