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15+ Animals That Are the Perfect Band-Aids for Our Souls

Animals have the power to turn our frowns upside down, whether they do derpy things around the house or finally come sleep in our lap after we’ve had a long day. A cat’s purr, a bird’s chirp, or a dog’s puppy eyes can soothe our souls like nothing else can.

Bright Side found some animals that deserve all the scratches and hugs, and here are a few to brighten your day.

1. “Found a loose seal in my bathroom.”

2. “They’ve known each other for 4 days.”

3. “This is my boy, Hamilton. He sits here a lot.”

4. “My wife was in the shower. He hadn’t seen her in 3 days.”

5. “This is what I see when I wake up in the morning. Is my cat stealing my wife?”

6. “Walter Brisby likes water (which is a big deal for a shar-pei)!”

7. “My cat loves my wife so much. Here she is, cracking the biggest smile in her arms.”

8. “My young labrador looks so tired in the morning.”

9. “The world’s most affectionate cat showed up on my doorstep. She won’t let me go.”

10. “Pup just met his first box turtle.”

11. “My friend’s granddad feeds the local strays, and this is what he woke up to today.”

12. “My grandma in long-term care with her birds”

13. Sleeping with your best friend is better when you’re holding hands.

14. “Just loving the new baby”

15. “There’s a ’monster’ under my bed.”

16. “My dog has decided she is the mother of our kittens.”

17. “My dog with a butterfly on her nose”

18. “Expert photobomber”

Which one of these animals made your soul go, “Aww!”? What’s the derpiest thing you’ve ever seen an animal do?

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