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15+ Animals Who Are Ready to Extend the Paw of Friendship to Anyone

We’re used to imagining cats and mice as enemies, but they can actually get along great together! That’s because animals are just bundles of love that want to share their positivity with others, different species included. There are even more surprising examples of this — like a tiger that decided not to harm the goat that was left for it to eat, and instead, became best friends with it.

We at Bright Side melt at the sight of adorable animals making friends with other fluffy creatures. And it’s definitely not something we can keep to ourselves.

1. “My dog and goose are best friends. The goose (Agnes) grooms the dog constantly.”

2. “My dog loves the fawn we rescued.”

3. “Meauxregard the fancy rat and his fancy cat friend”

4. “Our goat lost her mother when she was very young. Since that day, our llama has not left our goat’s side — they even cuddle together every night.”

5. “Azizi + Storm = cuddle time”

6. “Mama cat had kittens and found a baby possum around that must’ve fallen off of its own mom. She took it in as one of her own.”

7. Sarge helps save injured wildlife.

8. “True love is ignoring someone’s morning breath and cuddling with them anyway.”

9. Sleepy heads!

10. So warm and cuddly!

11. A lady adopted a meerkat, and now her cat and the meercat are best friends. Meet Surya and Nice.

12. “This chicken is sleeping on a sheep, at a petting zoo, set up outside my exams.”

13. The bird is preening his fluffy buddy.

14. “Loulou has a lot of fluffy friends!”

15. “Manny and Lilly made a new friend today.”

16. Morning kisses are the best.

17. “My dog Charlie made friends with a snail today!”

What about your pets? Do they easily make friends or are they reluctant at first? If you have any photos, we’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, ghstct / reddit