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15 Pets Who Prove They Are Weird but Adorable Aliens

At times, pets can be so smart and human-like, we start to doubt whether they are actually animals. At the same time, they might do a totally crazy thing that leaves us speechless or makes us laugh ourselves into stitches. That’s when we suspect that our four-legged friends are not as simple as we think.

Bright Side found proof of how peculiar our pets can be. Beware, who knows what your buddy is doing behind your back.

1. Handsome boys are smiling for their photo.

2. Poppy being affectionate means she puts her butt on your head.

3. Nola on our morning walk. I thought I’d take one of those cute pics of a happy dog run but I got this instead.

4. He ate the scale.

5. She is beauty, she is grace.

6. Frejya only sleeps in derpy positions.

7. Everytime I walk her, she turns around every few steps to flash this smile.

8. Seats are confusing to my derpy boy.

9. “Am I beautiful, mother??”

10. This cat has seen things.

11. Pretty sure that’s NOT how you sleep.

12. I mean, I don’t know, but I think my dog wanted the doughnut.

13. Put so much as a single drop of water in that tub and he won’t go anywhere near it.

14. This is Midas, the four-eared mythical creature.

15. Smile for the camera.

What weird things do your pets do? How many do you have?

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Preview photo credit emlo4 / Reddit
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