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15+ Pets Who Won’t Let You Have a Moment of Peace, Even For a Minute

Pets are more like babies. They know how to win your heart with their adorable shenanigans, and they delight you with their presence when you’ve had a rough day. And then there are moments when they seek your attention and won’t let you have a peaceful moment, like when they barge into the bathroom when you are busy, or jump on you when you’re doing yoga.

So, Bright Side brought together some hilarious images of needy pets who won’t leave their pawrents alone.

1. Get a puppy, they said, you won’t feel lonely, they said.

2. When they won’t let you work:

3. Who’s the boss? Meow!

4. The puzzle is far from getting done now.

5. And then they try to stop you from leaving with this look.

6. A genius move to stop his pawrent from leaving early for work

7. This kitty helped her brush her teeth.

8. Morning, hooman. Feed me.

9. The curious case of kitty

10. This kitty hates yoga... apparently.

11. Not only cat/dog owners have this problem.

12. It just exploded right in front of me.

13. Seems like this cat had other plans in mind for his owner.

14. He was locked in a bathroom by his parent, and then revenge was had.

15. He wasn’t even remotely sorry.

16. Unlimited big hugs

Bonus: The ultimate solution

Do your pets also never let you have a break? Share your funniest moments with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit summersun21 / imgur