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15+ Pics That Prove Animals Can Literally Bond With Everyone

We’re used to pets showering their owners with love, but it seems that some animals don’t limit their affection to humans. They are born with a natural talent for building friendships with other species and even objects at times. This connection might be hilarious or even unsettling at first, but it proves to us how big the hearts of some 4-legged friends can be. And they remind us, once again, that love is a universal language that knows no limits.

Bright Side never wants to miss the chance to spread positivity and tenderness around us. We’re sharing photos of adorable animal duos that will wrap you in a cozy blanket of warmth.

1. ’’They’re inseparable’’

2. ’’They say hi every morning.’’

3. ’’Monty the cat and Millie the rat sharing a tiny kiss of friendship’’

4. ’’My pup met a ghost crab and an immediate friendship began.’’

5. ’’My buddy Flint made a new friend today.’’

6. ’’An unlikely friendship between a butterfly and a meow’’

7. ’’A bird took refuge in my garden and sparked the best friendship of my dog’s life.’’

8. ’’My dog found a friend.’’

9. ’’An unusual friendship that’s 4 years old’’

10. ’’A golden retriever found a floof in her backyard, and apparently they like each other.’’

11. ’’My pet has a pet — Otis made friends with a baby squirrel.’’

12. ’’This wild goose flew in and became friends with my grandma’s farm goose. He hasn’t left in over a year.’’

13. ’’After battling this toy all day, they finally became friends.’’

14. ’’And such friendship happens.’’

15. ’’He went exploring and found a friend hedgehog.’’

16. ’’He found a woolly friend.’’

Do you believe that there are no limits or restrictions when it comes to friendships? Do you think that some animals can bond literally with anyone or anything?

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Preview photo credit Vininnarella/Reddit
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