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15+ Puppies Whose Strange Habits Surprise Us and Make Us Smile at the Same Time

Dogs are great life companions and good examples of friendship and loyalty. But these are not their only virtues. They are also very funny and sweet, especially when they come up with these strange, and frankly, hard to understand ideas.

And to pay tribute to them, Bright Side made a compilation with some of the best pictures that users have shared online, where we can see these furry friends doing some of the weirdest yet cutest things.

1. “Keeping one of the fastest (but not smartest) dog breeds in the world out of the kitchen while cooking (with what I had on hand)”

2. “NO SHAME!”

“I have no shame. I jumped out the car window and got into the next car because the person was eating KFC chicken”

3. “This is how my family’s dog begs for a treat.”

4. “Superdog... ACTIVATE!”

5. “Do your dogs bite?” “No it’s worse, they judge you.”

6. “Etta has 2 sides to her personality.”

7. “Bought them a basket for their toys and she pulled them all out to sit in it.”

8. “She insists on breathing the air DIRECTLY from the vent when we go anywhere.”

9. “Ummmm... how could this possibly be comfortable??”

10. “This is how my dog sits.”

11. “Is it enough for Tinder or do I need to show more?”

12. “My dog grabs things around the house and brings them to me for a treat. Today, he somehow got this.”

13. “After a day of playing in the snow”

14. “Sometimes my lip, gets stuck on my teefs. You think it looks weird, but I just can’t help it...”

15. “Someone looks pretty chill.”

16. “This was how my girlfriend’s dog popped up today when we said, ’Good morning,’ to him!”

17. “A coffee please”

18. “Salad”

Do you have pets? What are some of their strangest habits? We would love to see their pictures in the comments.

Preview photo credit MKnolly / Reddit
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