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15+ Times Pet Haircuts Went So Wrong, It’s Hilarious

Being a groomer as a profession first appeared in England and is now becoming more and more popular. Our pets are an integral part of our modern life, but sometimes they become not only our friends, but also the object of experimentation and jokes. And groomers definitely help owners to realize all their craziest ideas.

Bright Side found 16 examples of pet “styling” that might be called odd, to put it very, very lightly.

1. Human, who am I now?

2. When you go to the groomer but your stylist is a newbie:

3. Really? A skirt?

4. Always dressed up well

5. They said I’d look cool.

6. For the love of God, what did I do to you?

7. Chicken or dog?

8. Hey ladies! Want to have some fun?

9. Elmo?

10. Creativity level: 99

11. Creativity level: “God”

12. No, no. I’m fine. Just need a therapy session.

13. Everything is a little twisted for him now.

14. He won’t even look at me anymore.

15. Why just a half of me?

16. Owner, we need to have a serious talk.

Have you ever styled your pet? Was it anything nearly as crazy as the ones above? Share your photos and opinions in the comments!

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