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16 Animals That Surprised Us With Their Looks

According to various estimates, there are 40-70 cat breeds and 390-400 dog breeds. But sometimes, we see such amazing pets that we start doubting these statistics. We’re grateful to their owners that we were able to create this compilation.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the fact that there are so many fewer cat breeds than there are dog breeds. When we were writing this article, we saw a lot of stunning cats.

A big-eyed model

“I was told my new rescue pup has the rarest of ears. She’s a Malamute/Great Pyrenees mix.”

“This cat needs to be pet 2 times more often.”

“What do you think about my dog?”

“I think your cat is one of the most photogenic and beautiful cats I’ve ever seen.”

“Why is this dog giving John Travolta vibes?”

“My girl has vitiligo. She was solid black when we got her.”

“I’ve never seen this breed before!”

  • I’ve met this one before. My pup started barking at it. He didn’t recognize it was another dog! © Anagatam / Reddit

“Just adopted this stray kitty and he needs a name.”

Aussie Corgi mix

“People say my dog Chevy looks like a meerkat.”

“I foster with my local shelter and received a litter with one kitten who has dwarfism. She’s half the size of her littermates!”

“My dog is not very cute...”

“Dexter and his abnormally long tail”

“Sometimes we wonder if Freyja has a spine.”

Too small for a comforter?

You probably have your own unique pets, or, even better, photos of them! Share them with us!

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Preview photo credit LunaWolf92 / Reddit
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