17 Peculiar Looking Pets That Might Make You Doubt Reality

You can eternally watch fire, water, and photos of cats and dogs. And it’s no surprise. Looking at photos of animals actually helps us concentrate better.

At Bright Side, we care about your mental health, so we searched the internet to find the cutest pups and kitties. In the article, you’ll see animals with a really peculiar look.

“That’s not a cat. That’s David Bowie’s reincarnation.”

“This stray cat in our neighborhood has a perfect white moustache.”

“My cat has a heart paw.”

“Printer has run out of ink.”

A panda or a dog?

A perfect paw

This is King. He’s been living on the streets for years.

Look at this gorgeous beard.

This cat seems to be made up of unmatching parts.

This is Enzo. He was born with a rare skin condition causing a little black freckle to appear on his face.

A 2-faced cat

Half-bunny, half-dog. Aries is a deaf cutie who loves befriending other dogs and cats!

“My mom’s cat has a heart spot when she lays down.”

“My aunt’s cat has the word ’no’ circled in his fur pattern.”

“My dog’s eyes resemble cracked ice.”

“Louis has a lazy eye but I think it makes him even cuter.”

This is Fanny. She has a rare skin condition called vitiligo, causing her hair to depigment.

Does your pet have a peculiar feature? Share their photos in the comments below.

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