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18 Animals Who Mastered the Ability to Be Demanding

Animals know exactly what they want. If they need food or your attention right this instant, they will get it. Your pet may look at you with its pitty eyes or just block the TV while you are watching your favorite show. Any trick can work to portray their demanding skills.

We at Bright Side are sure that each animal has their own habits and are sharing 18 pics that show just how bossy and impatient they can be when they need something.

1. “He cared about the bird feeder and was pissed that it was empty.”

2. “My mother-in-law met this enthusiastic fellow at a Virginia safari park last weekend.”

3. “She rolled over and waited before I could finish asking her owner if I could give her a pat.”

4. “My black lab, demanding treats from the neighbors”

5. Attention or TV?

6. “Pay attention to me!”

7. “We need to look outside.”

8. “Give me the cat food!”

9. “This man tries to break into every house in the neighborhood.”

10. “Alfalfa got upset that he wasn’t the center of attention last night.”

11. “Human, I demand your tasty oats.”

12. “Cats do it on principle, right?”

13. “Our cat, Kimchi, demands to be held while he’s being served his snacks.”

14. “This is how my derpy Frenchie begs for my snacks.”

15. It looks like this cat dictates the rules in this house.

16. “Attention! I’m sleeping. Please do not disturb!”

17. “I installed a bell so the pups can let me know when they want to go out. They ring it whenever they want to demand treats.”

18. “Demanding breakfast”

Is your pet spoiled? How does your pet show that it wants something?

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