18 Things That Are as Simple as They Are Brilliant

2 years ago

A historic fact says that Egyptians were the first logo designers. Hence from past times, we understand that designs were always an integral part of human evolution. Sometimes, we unexpectedly show our creativity through modest things, in order to make them according to our needs and have them stand apart from rest.

It’s not often that things make us scream, “Whoa, that’s pretty cool!” and Bright Side found a few that shouldn’t just remain for our eyes only.

1. “It’s bath time!”

2. “This bag designed for pizza”

3. “The new toaster has a finger pull in the cord.”

4. “This ramen cup has a hidden message when you recycle it responsibly.”

5. “I raise you a parrot cork screw/bottle opener.”

6. “Their, there, they’re”

7. “There’s a cereal bowl candle that looks and smells just like a bowl of Froot Loops.”

8. “Keyboard keys have their ctrl + shortcuts written on them.”

9. “I added a cat walk to my living room for my 3 floofs.”

10. “Merged corner drawer”

11. “I felt invincible in Patrick’s arms that night.”

12. “These toilets are distinguished by chromosome notations rather than by genders.”

13. “King bed with built-in steps and space for a dog bed”

14. “The rain cover for our stroller is completely yellow when dry, but butterflies show up when it gets wet.”

15. “Vader’ BBQ/pizza oven/fire pit”

16. “This bench is designed specifically for people that want to chat with strangers.”

17. “A flower vending machine in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

18. “The coke bottle on this cup is transparent so the bottle empties as you drink.”

Which designs have you found your eyes struck on lately? If any of these things could appear in your room overnight, which one would you wish for? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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