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18 People Share How Their Pets Have Changed Over the Years, and We Can’t Believe How Fast They Grow Up

Our furry friends grow up way faster than we do, so we have no other choice but to grab a camera from time to time to catch those precious moments of their quick transformations. That is exactly what the pet owners from this article did, and the results amazed us to the core.

We at Bright Side found 18 photos of cats and dogs that will remind you of how fast time can fly.

18. “Did I use to be this tiny, Mom?”

17. Same dog, different size

16. “His favorite place hasn’t changed though.”

15. From a timid puppy to an adventurous trail dog

14. “The day I adopted him vs 1 year later”

13. “Gus doesn’t seem happy about the changes in Rose.”

12. 8 weeks, 6 months, 1 year

11. 6 months later

10. This girl got even bigger than her mommy!

9. “He used to be so small and now his butt doesn’t even fit in my hand.”

8. “My cat at the age of 8 weeks and at the age of 18 months”

7. The difference a couple of years can make

6. From a beautiful, playful puppy to a strong, independent adult

5. “Is it the toy that’s getting smaller?”

4. “Arepa has gone from a tiny fluffy potato to a big fluffy potato with a gorgeous smile.”

3. From 2 to 4 months old

2. “I still love it when my mommy carries me.”

1. Desk buddy through the years

Can you share photos of your pets’ transformations? We’re eager to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit BrisbaneHorrorGal / imgur