18 Pets Whose Silly Acts Serve as the Best Anti-Stress for Their Owners

If one thing’s for certain in life, it’s that pets always have an ace up their sleeves, and with it, they make us happy and astonished at the same time. With their simple but unique ways of behaving, they can make the people around them feel a rush of good energy, which instantly makes any negativity disappear.

The stars in this article are experts at making those around them happy, and Bright Side wants to show you why with their pics and stories.

1. “This is my dog’s favorite toy. Watching the faces of people who are walking past when my dog is staring out the window with it in his mouth is brilliant.”

2. It seems that this cat is hungrier than usual.

3. “He really loves to sit with us at the table.”

4. “Say cheese!”

5. “She does this every single time I sit down to eat...”

6. “This is how he watches TV.”

7. “This is my adorkable Brussels Sprouts.”

8. “My 2 silly dogs watching me cook”

9. “Some things never change.”

10. “Took my dog to the creek and got this great pic.”

11. “She fell in there but decided it wasn’t worth waking up to try to get out.”

12. “My new pup is already mastering weird faces.”

13. “My baby Clementine (featuring Olive) being a big old clown!”

14. “She loves being brushed.”

15. This cat is holding the man’s back instead of the chair.

16. “I told him to say, ’Cheese!’ and he really tried his best.”

17. “His way of saying he’s done walking”

18. And how will you get down from there?

What things do your pets do that free you from stress (or make your day)? Show us pictures of them in the comments, we’d love to see them.

Preview photo credit mx1hr / Twitter
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