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18 Pics That Show Animals Have the Most Genuine Hearts

No matter how cranky or needy our pets can sometimes get, their hearts are always filled with love and nothing else. Cats doing something silly to cheer up their humans, dogs adopting stray kittens, and a duck taking care of its chicks are just some of a million deeds animals can do that make us love them even more.

We at Bright Side found pictures of animals showing their unconditional love and couldn’t resist sharing them with all of you.

1. They became best friends the moment they met.

2. “These 2 have been inseparable since my wife got pregnant. Today’s my wife’s due date. I think our cat knows.”

3. “My wife just sent me this picture of our daughter and cat. I’m crying at work!”

4. “This cat climbs the tree every day to say hi to the house cat.”

5. “This cat from my neighborhood always protects his little dog friend.”

6. “Every year, this mama duck brings her babies to my house and I help her take care of them. This morning I opened my door to 13 new fluff balls.”

7. “A friend asked if I could adopt a stray, but my dog ended up doing the adopting.”

8. “After my wife and I had a baby recently, our dog has been carrying around a teddy bear everywhere as if it was his baby.”

9. “Sometimes my dog loses sight of me at the park. This is an action shot of his excitement once he spotted me and sprinted over.”

10. “I’m starting to think he actually thinks my collie is his mom...”

11. “Hig will sit on my steps and howl until I open the door and acknowledge him. Also, Hig is not my dog.”

12. “This is Pixar, she seems to know when I’m down and does something silly to make me laugh.”

13. “My puppy and my baby girl fight over who’s going to warm their butt on the vent in the morning. The baby won today. The puppy is pouting about it.”

14. “Our cat cuddling the (formerly) stray kitten that he befriended and brought home”

15. “There was a thunderstorm and he got scared, so he hid in the closet with Charmander.”

16. “The doggo in the back recently had surgery, and the pupper in the front doesn’t want to leave her side while she heals.”

17. “I shouted at my kitty today for being naughty. 5 minutes later, I find my other kitty comforting her and glaring at me.”

18. “We rescued Dixie a little over a month ago. That smile says it all.”

Which of these pictures made your day just a bit warmer? Have you ever witnessed a moment where animals showed their loveable side? Share your pictures with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Danyandme / Reddit
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