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19 People Whose Pets Came and Said “From Now on I’m Living Here”

Usually, we choose our pets ourselves. We learn everything about the breed we are interested in, and about its character and the care it requires. After that, we either go to the breeder to meet the animals that are ready to find a new home or to adoption centers, to the animals who’ve lost their homes and are dreaming about getting a new loving family again. But sometimes things don’t always go as planned and the decision to get a pet doesn’t have anything to do with us.

We at Bright Side think that if an animal chooses you to be their human, there is no point resisting this. All you have left to do is to love your new pet, treat them with yummies, and never leave them.

“Actually I’m allergic, but she chose me. I guess I’m a dad now.”

“This is my living room. I don’t own a cat.”

“So I was on my way to work and suddenly a mouse-sized kitten appeared out of nowhere and got into my hood.”

“My attempts to get him out by myself were all in vain. I had to go back home where this ‘hitchhiker’ gladly got out of my hood and got down to the floor. And, yes, I was late to work.”

“She came to our car one fine day. We felt pity and decided to find a home for her, but it turned out that no one wanted her. Now we have 3 dogs.”

“I rescued him when he was a feral 3-month-oldish kitten. I was the only person he would allow to touch him.”

“I had no plans of adding anyone to our family, nevertheless, it’s been almost 10 years since we’ve been together.”

“11 years ago a black cat, together with its babies, crossed my and my friends’ path. I called them but they jumped into the bushes and only one kitten came up to me.”

“At that moment I told my friends that if he lets me take him in my arms and if he is completely black, I’ll take him home. He instantly agreed to come into my arms and turned out to be totally black. So I took this little sweetie home. It’s already been 11 years since the smart and gorgeous Richard became a part of my family.”

“2 years ago today I found my best friend in a gym parking lot. ”

“Thanks for being the best little spoon and choosing me to hang out with. Not sure of your real birthday but you absolutely deserve it.”

“He was sitting near our fence and even though our dog had been barking at him the entire morning, he didn’t leave. My husband doesn’t like cats very much, but agreed to adopt this one without persuasion.”

“I have been chasing the neighbors’ cat out of our garden for the entire summer. Still, when the weather got colder, she started to sneak into our house through a small window and sleep with us.”

“I started to keep all the windows shut. But once, my husband and I left the house for a weekend and when we came back, we saw her sleeping in an armchair. It was all because I had left one small window in the greenhouse half-open. How did she manage to jump so high and open it? She won this fight and now she’s our pet.”

“I was throwing out the garbage before going to work, when I suddenly heard a squeak in the street. It was 14°F outside. I went up to the garbage cans and saw these 2 muzzles.”

“I looked around to check and see where their mother was, but there was no one around. I stretched my arms to grab them, but seeing this the puppies started to cry, so I looked around once again but there was no one there. I don’t know where my fear went, but I got brave, took them, and put them into my car — that’s how our life together started. Now they are grown-up: the girl-doggy lives with us, the boy-doggy lives with our parents at their country house.”

“Found this girl in November 2019. She walked right up to the door of my job.”

“I posted on social media, to try to see if anyone would claim her, but someone said she looked like a stray that hung around the dumpster outside his job. I named her Hops after the restaurant. She’s now chunky and happy.”

“He came to us from our neighbors.”

“This is Grisha. Last month, I found him at our front door with a broken wing. He was hissing and crying.”

“I wrapped him into a towel and brought him to the vet. Unfortunately, he can’t fly anymore, but he runs quite fast.”

“She was waiting for us at our front door. She came into the apartment by herself and lied down on the couch as if she had been living with us her whole life.”

“My daughter, her husband, and I went to church on Christmas Eve. There was a lot of snow outside. Suddenly a puppy appeared, sat down in front of us, and started to cry bitterly.”

“I grabbed her, wrapped her in my coat, and brought her home. She was as small as the palm of my hand. We gave her the name Noel (Christmas).”

“This stray Momma decided to bring me her litter and was quite insistent on coming in.”

“I took this pic when I first woke up. I had not even had coffee yet and had a family of refugee kittens pressed against the door. I put them a box out there at first, with some blankets, but they kept falling off the porch, so I ended up bringing them in the house.”

“3 years ago we found a dog at a gas station in February, the time of the most severe frosts. So we adopted her. One month later, she found a kitten in the bushes. It seems she’s proud that she’s also saved someone.”

“I already had 2 cats and never thought about getting a third one. Then one day I was visiting my friend, a breeder of Kurilian bobtails.”

“Once I sat down, he came up to my knees and I was preoccupied by him for the entire evening. No one else was allowed to approach me. At night, he lied down on my shoulder and I was sleeping while listening to his loud purring. Eventually, in the morning I called home with a question, “Can I come home with him, please?”

“My family and I went for a walk and a little squeaky kitten started to follow us.”

“So I was walking and thinking, ‘We have 2 small kids, we have just finished home repairs, there is no place for this kitten in our house.’ Meet Vasiliy, the cat who has been living with us for 4 years.”

How did you meet your pet? Was it you who chose them or was it them who chose you?

Preview photo credit xenya / Reddit