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19 Shameless Faces That Couldn’t Care Less About Their Owners’ Rules

If you realize that a piece of your lunch disappeared from the table, causing you to get angry and your dog to look guilty, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Perhaps it was the cat calmly sleeping nearby. The thing is, dogs react not only to things but to your behavior as well. And a dog might look guilty just because you’re angry.

We at Bright Side are sure that the little guys from this compilation know very well that they did something wrong but probably don’t feel too guilty. But when you look at their cute faces, you’ll most likely forgive all their “crimes.” And in the bonus feature, you’ll see that wild animals don’t behave any better.

“We had our wedding cake remade for our fifth anniversary and this fat guy took the first bite.”

“My sister got a net to keep the dog in the back seat but she does not accept.”

“From purring and being half asleep to chin chomps. Danger cuddles were still 110% worth it.”

“I told my dog to stop begging and go away while I was eating. 30 seconds later, I looked down to see this...”

“Trash or my food — it’s no different to him. But he almost never eats from his own bowl.”

Art and its creator

“I get a nice smack to the head every time I enter the kitchen now.”

If you were wondering where your scrunchies disappeared to, this is a possible answer.

“I was still using this plate.”

“This is my dog. His name is Ham. He steals potatoes out of the bag and eats them.”

Come, steal, disappear...

“All he was doing was sleeping. Why?”

“Hey, I noticed there was something in the way of this window! I fixed it for you!”

“This is Oakley. He has no idea what happened here. Even offered to help clean it up. 11/10 such a good boy!”

“My dog when I open a bag of literally anything”

“This little fuzzball went to extreme measures to try and snag my headphones.”

“My cat dropped everything in the closet and now he’s all happy.”

“She cries till I remove the bag and then hops in the trash can in my office to conk out.”

“You didn’t see me here, okay?”

Bonus: Some chipmunks chose a great place to store their walnuts for winter.

Share photos of your pets that stole your things and looked for a way to make a mess in your home!

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