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19 Times Animals Were Dying to Be Able to Say Something

At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all wished our pets could talk. Just thinking about the conversations we could have with our silly pups or our grumpy cats makes us want to pretend that they can talk, but they choose not to. In moments like those, we’re grateful that we have our imagination because it helps us imagine what our furry friends are thinking in certain moments.

Bright Side thought that you would like to see some sweet adorableness with an added twist to it, and we hope that it makes you laugh as much as it did us!

1. “Human, if you ever do that to me again...”

2. “This is my chair now.”

3. “Where do you think you’re going?”

4. “How dare you not feed me every 10 minutes, human?”

5. “Can I read too?”

6. “The joke wasn’t funny, dog...”

7. “You really thought this would stop us?!”

8. “I am your hat now!”

9. “Take a picture for my dating profile, human!”

10. “Choose one of my toys and it’s yours!”

11. “Worst. Day. Ever.”

12. “Some privacy, please.”

13. “Release me!”

14. “Ah, Mr. Bond, I have been expecting you.”

15. “But where is my present?”

16. “What’s that in mom’s arms?!”

17. “Pretend you never saw me, or I break it!”

18. “Human, what is this and why is it so cold!?”

19. Dog: “I am the prettiest gift!”, Cat: “Are you mocking me, human?!”

Show us your goofiest or funniest pictures of your pets and tell us what you think they might be trying to say. We would love some more laughs!

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