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20 Animals Who Can’t Get Enough of Our Hugs

For us, it seems like we spend some time over the years with our pets, but for them, we are their entire life. They want to feel loved and sometimes just don’t want to let go of us. But we also instantly melt inside when we feel our pet resting on our shoulder or lap, and we can’t just push them away, even if that means not going to the bathroom when we really need to go.

The images we found of snuggling pets on the net made our day a lot brighter, so we at Bright Side decided to share their light with all of you.

1. A hand for snuggles

2. “The mini horse hugged me back!”

3. “He loves his daddy unconditionally.”

4. “This is how my pup welcomes me home.”

5. “Found this little boy around my school last year — still can’t get over his reaction when I hold him.”

6. “I’ve had to pee for 20 minutes...”

7. “He enjoys his cuddles.”

8. “My wife is pregnant with our first —I think our pup, Bandit, is onto us.”

9. “Just hold me and don’t let go.”

10. “He really likes to smile.”

11. “Even though it doesn’t happen often, he likes to give hugs too.”

12. “This is how he comforts me when he senses I’ve had a bad day.”

13. “My dog’s face when he welcomes my boyfriend”

14. “Look how Pixie smiles when being hugged.”

15. Peaceful, happy company

16. “My dog grabs my leg when I greet her.”

17. “A welcome back greeting (I was only gone a week...)”

18. “She’s a sweetheart and deserves my attention.”

19. “She gets down on her knees and gives me all of her love!”

20. “Best friends from the start!”

Does your pet enjoy hugs? Do you get a special greeting when you get back home?

Preview photo credit Dereg5 / reddit
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