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20 Animals Who Show Us What True Happiness Looks Like

There’s so much animals can teach us, like how to truly appreciate the little things. A bit of sunlight, a walk on the beach, or a few pets are enough to get a smile out of the grumpiest of our furry friends.

Bright Side compiled photos of animals that radiate so much happiness, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling as you scroll.

1. “Clara’s first trip into the backyard — I think she liked it!”

2. “Penny is a happy gal.”

3. “Arthur loves his portrait!”

4. “Playing in the leaves for the first time”

5. “The face you make when you play in the sprinklers at 3 AM.”

6. “A dog at the shelter I work at is teaching me how to smile.”

7. “Winnie, who’s extra happy after playtime”

8. “My sister sent me a picture of my niece and her cat enjoying the sunlight.”

9. “Got my dog a new toy. He was pretty excited.”

10. “Took my uncle’s guide dog for an ’off-work’ walk.”

11. “Ruby had lots of fun on her walk today.”

12. “At 13, Diesel occasionally needs help finishing walks. It’s become his favorite part of the day.”

13. “This is Fig! He has a prosthetic leg and likes to take it off and throw it at his sister.”

14. “My dog likes to sit on the hill and watch the sunset.”

15. “Puppy’s first time at the beach and he couldn’t stop smiling.”

16. “My normally grumpy puppy discovered grass.”

17. “10-week-old Ziggy loves getting pets!”

18. “She sure is really happy when sleeping.”

19. “My pupper’s face when I tell him that he’s a good boy...”

20. “Our Airbnb came with a very happy pup!”

What’s the happiest animal you’ve ever met? Do you have any photos of your pet on cloud 9? Sprinkle our comment section with those precious pics!

Preview photo credit neptunesmoon / Reddit
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