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20+ Pets That Are Experts When It Comes to Making Our Days Brighter

We really don’t know how, but our pets always find a way to make us smile or leave us with our mouths open. No matter how hard we try to “ignore” them and no matter how focused we are doing something else, they always end up making our days happier by coming up with something fun and sweet.

Bright Side loves to make your days more cheerful. That’s why we’d like to share these pictures of some witty and adorable pets with you.

1. Now this is the face of a very worried dog.

2. “I think I just saw a very fluffy toy.”

3. “I was going to clean his ears, but he turned into an ostrich.”

4. This cat loves to drink water from the dog’s bowl.

5. “If only he had more room to put his head...”

6. “Bruce doesn’t understand how to play with his little brother.”

7. “My puppy Jekku always does this when I carry him.”

8. “He fell asleep with his tongue sticking out.”

9. His blue crossed eyes are everything that’s right in this world.

10. “My aunt’s cat likes to sit like this. Yes, he’s on a diet, no, it’s not very effective.”

11. “This is my dog, Theo. He likes making cute and weird faces.”

12. I wonder if he’s comfortable...

13. “All this cuteness might be suffocating my daughter.”

14. When you’re comfortable in a weird position:

15. “My dog sleeps a little too well.”

16. Here we have another position that could be very comfortable or the exact opposite...

17. The perfect travel buddy

18. “My caped canine crusader, protecting our home”

19. Looks like somebody’s bored.

20. “My cat turned on the camera on the doorbell after getting locked out.”

21. 7 weeks vs 15 weeks

22. It seems someone loves to feel the snow on their belly...

How does your pet brighten your day? Do you have any pictures of them doing funny things? Tell us in the comment section, and don’t forget to share their photos with us.

Preview photo credit PlacentaOnOnionGravy / Reddit
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