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20 Pets Who Know How to Add a Spark of Madness to Their Humans’ Lives

Pet owners would probably agree that every cat or dog is a little bit crazy in their own way. They suddenly jump when you want to take just one nice picture of them, leaving you with a ghost-like blurred stain that doesn’t even resemble an animal. They hang from shower curtains, fight with each other, use their tails as pacifiers, and never let you leave the house without their permission. But somehow, these tiny bits of madness brighten up our lives and make us love our little fluffy weirdos even more.

Here at Bright Side, we love how pets make our lives a little crazier with their presence. And to be honest, we recognized our own cats and dogs in the heroes of our article, and now we wonder which of them will remind you of your pets.

1. “She jumped out of her new cat bed before I could get a decent photo...”

2. “Our kitten uses her tail as a pacifier.”

3. For some doggos, it takes a bit longer to figure out how to sleep right...

4. “Had to take Arya to the vet. She’s not pleased.”

5. We hope this fluffy cutie pie is just yawning...

6. “Just wanted a nice family photo...”

7. “Found her sleeping like this and I can’t stop laughing.”

8. This good boy must have seen something truly exciting on the screen behind him...

9. “Tried to take a picture of these 2 cuddling...”

10. “He’s annoyed because he can’t catch the rope.”

11. “Apparently, something in my trash can smelled good.”

12. “She found a way to get under the house and out for the first time.”

13. Here’s why many cat owners just can’t have nice things in their homes...

14. “The cats are right behind me, aren’t they?”

15. The craziest book on the bookshelf

16. “Every body part in this photo belongs to the same dog. He is a true noodle.”

17. “How my cat managed this, I have no idea.”

18. Say “cheese” and jump!

19. “My cat during her crazy hour”

20. “Every time I try to leave the house...”

Do you often catch your pets doing hilariously crazy things? When was the last time your pet made you laugh your head off? Share the pics of your pets acting out in the comments!

Preview photo credit EasyTigrr / Reddit