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20+ Pets Who Stare Right Into Their Owners’ Souls

Since the dawn of time, people have been arguing about who loves their owners more — cats or dogs. But neurobiologists put this question to rest several years ago. They analyzed the saliva examples of 20 pets that had been taken before they played with their owners for 10 minutes and after they played with their owners for 10 minutes. It turned out that dogs had a 57% increase in oxytocin, the love hormone, after they played together with their humans, while cats showed only a 12% increase. But still, it’s an indisputable truth that all these animals have love for their owners.

We at Bright Side believe that no one will have doubts about their pets’ ability to love their hoomans after looking at these photos. Just look at those sincere eyes that stare right into your soul!

“Dallas is for sure a mama’s boy.”

“Maybe, I’m being paranoid, but I think she’s flirting with my boyfriend.”

This golden retriever adores his “daddy”

“My cat, James, looks at me while I’m gaming.”

“I don’t deserve him.”

“I had a rough day at work today. As soon as I laid down, this sweet girl jumped up and hugged me.”

“My husband couldn’t have pets growing up. When we bought our first house, I got him a little surprise.”

“This is Walter. He lived in a shelter, but soon he found a new home. His manifestation of love is precious.”

“My sister and brother-in-law just adopted a kitten. Look at how happy he is!”

“My dad and my cat. They adore each other!”

“Olive Oil says hello!”

“This is my friend with his cat.”

“Our wedding was canceled, but we have our first family member now.”

“The way my cat looks at my boyfriend”

“At the rescue center, they said, ’He is not a very tactile dog.’ This is him one day after coming home with us.”

“This is Simon, the best boy in the world.”

“He interrupted our game, but I don’t mind.”

This look just makes your heart melt.

“This cutest boy is trying to convince me not to go to work today.”

“This is my calico cat, Sandy. She’s almost 13 years old, and we’ve been inseparable since the day she was born.”

“This is how Emma looks at my husband.”

“I think he loves to nap with me.”

The eyes of a puppy who has just been adopted:

“19-year-old Brownie proves to us every day that nothing is sweeter than the love of an older dog.”

Do you think that your pets feel the same amount of love for you as these animals? How do they show it?

Preview photo credit Feistygazelle / imgur
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