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20 Pics That Will Tune Your Brainwaves Into a Happier State

Warning: What you’re about to see might cause you to have an overdose of joy, happiness, and love. But don’t worry because the side effects of seeing these hilarious pets, adorable babies, and affectionate grandmas are just a big smile on your face and an uplifting feeling.

Come see what Bright Side selected for you today.

1. Wendy has an ostrich sanctuary and shares her daily life on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

2. “Pure joy experiencing swings for the first time.”

3. “This gentleman has been driving around on a go-kart dressed as Mario and playing the theme song. I have seen him bring a lot of joy and laughs to many people, including myself.”

4.“My friend’s dog at the vet yesterday.”

5. “Love bites.”

6. “I put googly eyes on my VR glasses and let my grandparents try them out.”

7. “The way my mom put away the stuffed animals.”

8. “Love has no status.”

9. This duck is having the time of his life.

10. “One goofy raccoon”

11. “My fiancé finally got to see her anniversary gift!”

12. “Ollie’s first puppacino!”

13. “Why’s everyone laughing at me? I stole this, I’m a bad boy!”

14. “If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.”

15. “At 5 months old, my son already has the best school photo ever.”

16. “Blep!”

17. “My daughter crawled up in my lap while I was playing guitar and this is the image my wife snapped...”

18. “My girlfriend and our cat. The feeling’s mutual.”

19. “For Christmas last year, I got my grandma this hat as a gift. She thought it was really fashionable and still wears it around all the time.”

20. “She’s all smiles.”

Which pics made you smile the most?

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